I live in Hudson and work in Nashua. I have seen COUNTLESS stickers proclaiming the above slogan. Who sold Nashua to Jesus? A better question is, how religious is NH? It seems to me that we are the most religious state in New England. What are your experiences?

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I think there is an assembly of god congregation in Nashua which might help explain the fervency. New England in general seems less on fire than other places I have lived like Chicago (and western suburbs - Dupage County) and western PA. As to whether NH seems more on fire, not sure.
My impressions might come from having spent my "church" years in NH before living in MA. I was just thinking the long history of "red-stateness" could be based in more religious tendencies, or it could just be tradition...
According to bestplaces.net, Nashua and all of Hillsborough County has a theist population of 58.14%, most are Catholic. Compared to Boston which is 60.02% and also mostly Catholic. Though I do see more resistance to evolution and science in general in NH. Could be due to more conservative views, but that is just a guess.
Wow, that's an interesting statistic. Does the remaining 42% consider themselves atheists or "other"? (BTW, I saw that sticker again, except I was in Manchester. They're really letting the state know that Nashua is Jesus' stomping ground apparently.)
The site does not elaborate and I do not see any info as to how that information was gathered. Accuracy has not been verified. Though the site does also mention this interesting tidbit:

58.14% of the people in Nashua, NH are religious, meaning they affiliate with a religion. 45.52% are Catholic; 4.83% are Protestant; 0.50% are LDS; 5.66% are another Christian faith; 1.58% in Nashua, NH are Jewish; 0.04% are an eastern faith; 0.00% affilite with Islam.

So I am guessing they mean those that are active in some sort of church.

Regarding the stickers, I drive to and from Manchester and back just about every day and I have not seen one yet. Got an image?
I'll try and snap a picture, I think one of my neighbors has one. They're pretty hard to miss though. If someone in front of you has one, you'll see it. I've only seen it in Manchester once, but I'm a delivery driver so I'm on the road all day.
I just recently saw one on my way home. They are hard to miss, the thing took up a good portion of the bumper! Aside from the one, I still see more Darwin/Evolve fish placards or stickers. New Hampshire still looks promising in my view.
I have seen Nashua. Jesus needs to do a better job.

I think Maine is the most religious state in New England and Vermont is the least religious...New Hampshire gets stuck in the middle.

Wanna see religious? Take a trip to the Southeast. Scary culture and people...
Having just moved up here from the Panhandle of FL, you guys haven't seen shit! In 4 days here I have seen more science/darwin decals than I saw in my entire 6 YEARS in FL. Where I lived, a full 60%+ of the cars had that fucking jebus fish on them, and the people were pretty much overwhelmingly religious. I saw a site that claimed only 50% were religious, but I question that A LOT! There were more churches in the town than libraries, schools, hospitals, and cultural exhibits combined!
I've seen this all over the place, it makes me rage every time. We need "Nashua belongs to the flying spaghetti monster" bumper stickers. I always see one at the Hanover street Hannaford's. I see one there constantly. Oddly enough it's usually parked closest to the liquor store. Pure speculation; but perhaps they aren't "on fire" until they've had a little fire water.




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