I like the monkey, but I think a view of the whites or the old man of the mountain (RIP) might be a better representation of NH. It's on the table, anyone agree?

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I had a similar first impression...the monkey doesn't exactly reflect NH, not that the avatar has to. But a slab of granite or your recommendations might do...
Yeah, I think so. The pics I put up were just ideas, there are probably better ones out there. Maybe a pic of Mt. Washington...although Mt. Jefferson might be better for an atheist website, considering he was called one on a regular basis.
Maybe a pic of the Crista McCullough Planetarium?
How about a sign that says, "Live, freeze, and die"?
Old Man on the Mountain is fine...but no RIP. I think the newest picture of that site will be symbolic enough..
I too would like to see something more attuned to the state itself.


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