*sigh*  So I was heading home last night and I saw a billboard that made me a bit concerned about our place as one of the most secular states in the nation.  It's right by the 96.5 Mill radio tower (I assume that's what that field is) before the Bedfrod Tolls on the Everett Turnpike as you are heading north.  Basically it just says:  "When you die, you will meet god."  (Or something like that.)


I am so tempted to put up a companion billboard that says:  "Which one?  I hope it's Thor!"


Speaking of billboards, I saw a few along 293 in the "Millyard" that are for rent.  Would be fun to perhaps take them over?

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I drive by that all the time, I'm not sure when it went up but it couldn't have been that long ago. I wouldn't mind if someone spray painted "Prove it!" or "How could you possibly know that?" under the heart monitor graphic thingy. There's a phone number at the bottom, I might call it just to find out who put it up.
Now they have one that REALLY delves into the utter depths of stupidity... It starts off with "In the beginning god created..." Genesis 1:1 and has a nice little anti evolution symbol to boot.

Considering that pretty much EVERYTHING we know of modern medicine derives DIRECTLY from evolution, I wish these slackjawed retards wouldn't partake of it and die off... Sorry to sound so mean, but they are no better than the Taliban, but will deny it to the ends of the earth...
I went by this billboard yesterday and it upset me so much I joined Atheist Nexus.

It's one thing to post a billboard saying that God created the Earth... sure... I can abide that.

But when they come out against evolution, that just blows my mind. You might as well come out against a round earth. Or gravity.

Our children today face such great challenges. How can we provide for a strong and prosperous America in the future if half of its citizens refuse to believe the foundation of all modern science?
First of all. Welcome to A|N Balasarius.

Your last question is exactly why I fight against theitards so much. And one reason I put up http://factsnotfantasy.com/evolution.php
Has anyone (with the fortitude to stave off "Teh Stupid") called that toll free number on the billboard? I have been tempted, but I restrain myself because I know I would just go off on them.
Well, it's about TIME that these billboards were replaced by good honest advertising instead of blatant lies and mental castration. :)
And the theitards are back... Crap.
Yeah, now it just says,"What will you choose?" and says "Heaven/Hell" underneath. I want to put up a sign right after it saying,"I Choose here and now."




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