Greetings fellow New Hampshireites!  I just wanted to guage interest in establishing such an organization.  Consider this a first set of feelers.  More to come later.

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I think you might get good response. It depends on locality and nature of the coalition.
Right now I am still trying to figure out all the different aspects of this work. I am in contact with the Arizona chapter that started recently, so I will get a better handle of what they do.
You have my full support, keep me posted.
Has anything happened with this idea?
Not yet.  I have just been so caught up in other things that I really haven't donated any of my mental bandwidth to this.  I was even asked about it at the Tim Minchin concert in Boston last weekend.  Yeah, I am a total slacker.
A Secular Coalition in NH?  Sure.  What were you thinking it should be like.  What is the Arizona chapter like?  Do you have a link?
I would be interested as well. Let me know if I can help.

Hi there!

I see you are/were Air Force. I was in the Air Guard for 10 years out at Pease ANGB. I am interested in either starting a skeptic/secular meet up in Southern NH. Do you know of any meet ups that are currently going on?


Jeffrey, good thing I have notifications on. I haven't been to this site in ages!  Yep, I retired from the Air Force a while back.

As for skeptic meet up, there is a group.  It's Granite State Skeptics (you can find them on Facebook). Nathan (the post above you) is a regular attendee.  Many of us also end up at TAM.


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