Everybody knows comic/movie ninja's, have you met a real one?

I thought I would start a thread on the real ninjas and the controversy between the xKans. Genbukan and Bujinkan Ryus. Both have the legacy of 33 generations but which is the real school?

Stephen K. Hayes brought the awareness to the US in the 80's, but his has since fallen out of the Bujinkan and has started his own group in his own direction. He still visits Dr. Hatsumi in Japan to train I understand.

The real ninjas are way cooler than the fictitious ones. Especially in the atheist community, because the idea was always to take the fears and superstitions of your opponent and use it against them. way cool.

Enough ideas posted here. Let's see where this thread goes. I put a bunch of keywords above to begin your investigations if your new to the real ninja community.

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