Noam Chomsky succintly characterizes GOP politics.

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Special Interview: Noam Chomsky

A few excerpts:

His [Trump's] role is to ensure that the media & public attention is always on him.

While this show is going on in public, in the background the wrecking crew is working.

They’re working to systematically dismantle every aspect of government that works for the benefit of the population. … to enrich and empower their actual constituency which is super wealth and corporate power …

The Trump administration is going out of its way to increase the threat [existential threat from climate change] … and it’s not just Trump, the entire Republican leadership.

… intend to destroy the prospects for human existence… They’re doing this eyes open, because you make more profit tomorrow.

There's no precedent, Chomsky says, for deliberate pursuit of immediate profit by increasing existential risks of climate change and nuclear war.

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The GOP's nihilistic pursuit reminds me of  "white fragility" doublethink . Why Does White Fragility Show Up at Workplace Diversity Trainings?

In one example,

... unable to see herself in racial terms. When she is pressed to do so, she refuses to engage further, positioning herself as the one being treated unfairly. In the post–civil rights era, we have been taught that racists are mean people who intentionally dislike others because of their race; a racist is consciously prejudiced and intends to be hurtful. Because this definition requires conscious intent, it exempts virtually all white people and functions beautifully to obscure and protect racism as a system in which we are all implicated. This definition also ensures that any suggestion of racially problematic behavior will trigger moral outrage and defense.

...  white fragility distorts reality.

“If privilege is defined as a legitimization of one’s entitlement to resources, it can also be defined as permission to escape or avoid any challenges to this entitlement.”

White fragility functions as a form of bullying: ... it is a powerful form of white racial control.

Because the self-deception of white fragility is so ubiquitous in my experience, I feel as if we live in a society of sometimes-malevolent intransigent broken minds. Normal, in white society and mass media, equates with a veneer of niceness over systemic hatred and meanness. Some days this normalized failure of authenticity feels more and more like a mental illness slope sown which we all glide faster. For example ...

How Low Can Trump Go?

... last Monday in Helsinki. There was the President of the United States surrendering his intelligence agencies, his Department of State and his Department of Justice to the lying, thieving, murdering dictator of Russia standing next to him on the stage. 

An Axios/Survey Monkey poll shows that 79 percent of Republican voters approve of the way Trump conducted himself in Helsinki. Nearly 70 percent of Republicans in a CBS poll felt the same way.

His base will believe anything he tells them to believe without question. ... He’s counting on them to do whatever he tells them to do. If these recent polls are to be believed, that’s exactly what will happen.

Clinging to "normalcy" is a coping mechanism common to people trapped in despotic regimes. Embracing personal distortion, as monstrous acts are normalized, keeps immediate despair and madness in check. Everyone is doing it, at least "everyone who counts". 

I can imagine this as Christian Germans coping with living in Nazi Germany, where the goal was a thousand years of Fascist rule. But I have difficulty wrapping my head around the rich, the corporate insiders, or Trump's base coping thus, when the goal is deconstructing civilization to rape the planet. 

I knew a businessman who knowingly polluted. "Nature heals itself" he bragged. Is that Neo-Liberal Fragility - privilege as a legitimization of entitlement of the wealthy to resources, and permission to escape or avoid any challenges to this entitlement? Even control of mass media isn't enough, in my view, to trick the not-wealthy to slip down-slope from White Fragility to corporate sponsored human annihilation. I don't get that level of double think. Nature will take 100,000 years to "heal itself" from climate destabilization.

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Doublethink could be visualized as perception broken into discontinuous planes or cubism. This opening credit for the Poirot TV series symbolizes how I see individuals who deceive themselves as one must for White Fragility or to believe anything Trump tells them.


So, the Republicans in Congress are Trump's puppets, and Trump is Putin's puppet! What a mess!




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