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Can psychics "connect" with a woman's nonexistent dead sister?

Jackie Hong writes at Vice: "Inspired by Houdini, I made up a basic pass/fail test that I could apply to see if someone was actually in tun…

Started by Grinning Cat

10 Sep 9
Reply by Bertold Brautigan

Lawrence Krauss in The New Yorker: All Scientists Should Be Militant Atheists

Lawrence Krauss holds forth (magnificently, imho) on the Kim Davis debacle in particular and on the folly of kowtowing to religious prejudi…

Started by Bertold Brautigan

26 Sep 9
Reply by Bertold Brautigan

Idiocracy Now

Hearing Trump, seeing him sure ahead of rivals, reminded me of the movie Idiocracy. Research on literacy proficiency, to my despair, makes…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

4 Sep 2
Reply by Joseph P

It Takes More Faith to Be an Atheist Than to Believe in God?

Every time I encounter some character making this crude and cretinous claim, I want to imitate Regan's projectile vomiting in The Exorcist.…

Started by Bertold Brautigan

21 Aug 21
Reply by Gerald Payne

Talking Nonsense as US Politcs

Donald Trump’s Biggest Crime Is His Honesty: How He Exposes the Sickening Rot At the Core of the GOP ... pretending at seriousness while ad…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

6 Aug 17
Reply by tom sarbeck

A Quick Puzzle to Test Your Problem-Solving

From NYT, a deceptively simple game, with implications for government and corporate decision making: We’ve chosen a rule that some sequence…

Started by Grinning Cat

6 Jul 4
Reply by tom sarbeck

Spot Graphics that Lie

A Quick Guide to Spotting Graphics That Lie Chiqui Esteban gives us five quick tips to spot lying graphics. Numbers themselves don’t lie, b…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

49 Jun 25
Reply by Joseph P

Susceptibility to Bias

Bad news for our ability to overcome order or framing bias. Expert philosophers are just as irrational as the rest of us Eric Schwitzgebel…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

1 Jun 23
Reply by Joan Denoo

Gish Gallop

5 Things Conservatives Lie Shamelessly About Tell so many lies, so fast, your opponent hasn't the time or attention to address them, much l…

Started by Ruth Anthony-Gardner

7 Jun 21
Reply by Loren Miller

When You're Ready To Look A Heavily Taxpayer-Subsidized Piece of Nonsense In Its Face, . . .

. . . read, or at least browse, Donald E. Scott's The Electric Sky. Scott holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and for 39 years taug…

Started by tom sarbeck

11 Jun 6
Reply by tom sarbeck


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