Okay - I've read this once too many times even here on A|N and it's time to gripe about it. Apparently, in an attempt to make up for the lack of an afterlife as non-believers, some atheists are buying into a really idiotic but common misconception about clones.

A clone is a genetic copy of a person, conceived through the use of DNA from an existing human implanted into a human ovum that has been voided of it's original genetic markers. That is to say, eventually, we will be able to cause a baby to be conceived that would be genetically identical to us. Basically, we could artificially cause our identical twin (a natural clone) to be born years after we were.

But they will NOT be copies of us any more than identical twins are the same person. I do not know if you have met identical twins - I have a number of friends who are natural clones - but they would certainly take some issue with the idea that they are the same person.

So to all those who talk about living forever via cloning - I cry BULLSHIT! STOP IT! Pick up a book on the science. Think it through. Frankly, even if you could do a brain dump into this new clone - you would have no sense of a continuum of self - like dying and waking up in a new body. It's bullshit wishful thinking.

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Plus, breaded pig in sweet and source sauce is awesome.
I wouldn't have, but it made me hungry.
I suspect that someday we will have the ability to clone and grow organs without the need to have the whole body.



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