Former conservative radio host Charlie Sykes, author of How the Right Lost Its Mind, gives insider insight on how we got to a post-truth culture.

"A giant fog machine": how right-wing media obscures Mueller and ot...

... how right-leaning media is able to construct alternate realities for its base,...

Charlie Sykes: 

The conservative media has done a really great job of convincing conservatives that they're under siege, .... the conservative media has become a safe space for people who want to be told that they don't have to believe anything that's uncomfortable or negative.

... watching over the last seven days, the conservative media is presenting an entirely different universe of facts and narratives than you would get anywhere else.

The essence of propaganda is not necessarily to convince you of a certain set of facts. It is to overwhelm your critical sensibilities. It's to make you doubt the existence of a knowable truth. The conservative media is a giant fog machine designed to confuse and disorient people.

This is what a post-truth culture looks like. This is what post-factual politics mean.

... conservative media has done a really great job of convincing conservatives that they're under siege, and that they’re victims and that there's this effort to bring down their guy. 

The persecution mania on the right, the victim mentality that conservative media preaches, has engineered a base that is primed to dismiss uncomfortable facts as attacks on their identity. 

... a lot of this is very emotional. It’s a visceral resistance. It’s a visceral loyalty. Mere facts have a hard time penetrating something like that, because it's an attack on a member of your tribe. It's an attack on a member of your family.

The details are less important than the fact that you're being persecuted, you're being victimized by people that you loathe and fear. [emphasis mine]

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Sometimes the right-wing media simply go silent on uncomfortable facts that go against the tribe.

Lee Drake on Twitter summarized the reporting of an item in yesterday's news:

"CNN: Manafort turns himself in
 MSNBC: Manafort turns himself in
 Fox News: Guys, Reese’s is sooo good"

What I've said before about religion and irrationality is equally true of politics: introduce the first irrationality, and there is no limit to the number of irrationalities that can and likely WILL follow.  Already, the Trump Propaganda Team is trying to dismiss or deny its association with the current list of indictments coming from Robert Mueller's office.  One has to wonder what will happen with the fire licks even closer to the Oval Office.




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