In The Allure of Trump’s Narcissism, Elizabeth Lunbeck pries open the brain-secret-sauce of our malignant narcissist POTUS.

Trump’s apparent authenticity — his lack of the usual filters ... invites his followers’ identification with him as sharer of secrets and speaker of truths that cannot otherwise be expressed. The analyst Kohut understood how powerful this sense of direct access to the mind of another — the feeling of being part of its intimate workings — could be in nurturing identification of the sort we can see among Trump’s followers.

He invites others to identify with his aggression and independence from constraining norms.

As one supporter recently explained her vote for Trump, “he says the things out loud that I say to myself.”

... his appeal lies in the fact that he has prevailed not despite but because of all of his lies, anger, contempt toward losers, intolerance of dissent, and bombastic grandiosity. His flouting of just about every political, social, and sexual norm has only enhanced his appeal to his devotees. In short: His narcissism is a resource for — not an impediment to — his electoral and political success. [emphasis mine, order changed]

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Trump women supporters having orgasms ....Source: Bing image

And I thought females were stupid for going gaga over Elvis Presley and the Beatles.  That was nothing compared to this insanity!




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