Discovery Institute | Advancing a culture of purpose, creativity, and ...bla, bla, bla!

"Discovery Institute's mission is to advance a culture of purpose, c..."

I don't think the mission of science is to advance a culture of purpose, but a culture of exploration & discovery. 

"Discovery Institute Still Undermining Science | The Huffington Post

"The Seattle-based Discovery Institute, America’s tiny but loud voice for Intelligent Design, is once again trotting out their thoroughly discredited argument that good science education requires that our public schools 'teach the controversy.

"America’s public schools should present the 'strengths and weaknesses' of evolution, as well as alternative explanations for our origins. They charge that academic freedom demands that teachers be encouraged, or perhaps even required to present both sides of any scientific controversy:

"At Discovery Institute, we advocate teaching the controversy about evolution. That is for several reasons. Students should learn the full range of evidence on evolution. Teaching the controversy aids in developing critical thinking. And it trains students to think like scientists.'

“DI supports “research, sponsors educational (scientific) programs, and production of articles, books, and multimedia content.'

DI's claims are not scientifically based, but dependent on belief in superhuman power.

We are not victims; we have the cognitive ability as well as physical ability to examine situations, to name problems and conflicts, to explore options, to take action, and to evaluate if what we do works or if we need to move to Plan B or rethink the problem from the first step. 

We may have to adjust our goals, given the reality of the problem.  There are things we can do to impact climate change, and it requires worldwide participation to be effective. We may have to come to terms with this being the end of life as we know it and make plans to live as healthy and happy as possible until the end. 

I wonder how the Native Americans dealt with the realization that their pattern of life was ending,   not for the better?  Or the Jews when they understood they were on the way to the gas chambers? Or the Japanese when they boarded the buses taking them to the concentration camps? All these cultures left behind all they worked for, including their property?

I don't benefit by being depressed, afraid, angry, or feeling grief. I do benefit from doing all I can to create the best life possible for my family, friends, the environment, the Earth and me. I also benefit by keeping informed of the real conditions facing me and making the best choices I can to meet my fate, whatever it is.

Given all that grand philosophizing, I am angry!

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It's kind of hard for me to take this kind of absurdity very seriously, it's so laughable. I'm a science teacher in Texas, and despite the bullshit from some of the real crackpots, this "controversy" hasn't made much headway here in education law or curriculum. Slowly, the fundies have been losing their stranglehold for several decades, even though we do have some of their legacy still lingering. IMO, Texas, while exasperatingly regressive in some ways (e.g. Ted Cruz) is definitely not the worst of the worst any more. Some distinction, huh?

I was a teacher in Texas in the early 1970s and under tight restrictions about how and what I taught. I was involved in the civil rights movement, specifically, I marched in Washington, DC in 1968, the year of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination and the riots that followed. That experience informed my thinking as a teacher of racist boys and girls.

Race, gender, class and religious wars serve no useful purpose.

"Race, gender, class and religious wars serve no useful purpose. It is up to our generation to confront these evils and imagine a better world for all living things."


The source of this article is a bit ironic.  HuffPo publishes weekly articles by Deepak Chopra, along with a huge amount of other spiritualist, new-age woo woo.  They're a little hit and miss on the science front.

Individual contributors can be perfectly reasonable, of course.  The flaws of the collective don't necessarily tarnish each individual member of the collective.

The woo-woo gets too sweet for my taste. "Woo-woo too sweet."

Yeah, what's pathetic is that the most recent articles from him on HuffPo are mostly about cosmology, a subject that he doesn't seem to know more about than I do.  In one of the most recent articles, he rattled off a bunch of stuff that I learned in high school, then ended with a paragraph of nonsense that had nothing to do with anything he said previously.  The guy is a walking non sequitur fallacy.

Another recent article is called,"Have Human Beings Stopped Evolving?" which ends with this statement:

We are no longer Darwinian creatures, but as a metaphor evolution traces a path that applies to the best and worst possibilities in us.

The path to that statement was about as ignorant of the basics of evolutionary theory as you might expect.

Aron Ra has pointed out repeatedly that organizations like the Discovery Institute have a statement of belief on their websites and elsewhere which assert that Nothing Will Change Their Minds regarding the existence of a god or the verity of the bible.  Such a declaration shows decisively that they are not about science but DOGMA, and their sole purpose is to promote their bullshit in the face of facts.

I would love to see DI taken down permanently, but so long as they have free speech and funding, I suspect they will continue to be an irritant.

Yeah, my phrasing is a bit different, but I've had it since before I became aware of Aron Ra, many years ago.  "If your scientific organization has a statement of faith, then your 'scientific' organization isn't doing science."

I agree! As to seeing "DI taken down," I value free speech over the speech with which I agree. So, the remedy is to be smart, wise, precise, concrete, skeptical, convincing, persuasive, compelling, plausible, and irresistible as we confront superstitions. We may only plant seeds, or we may be overheard by others, hopefully by the younger generation.

"Change occurs one funeral at a time."

~ Paul Samuelson

Friedrich Hayek said when one in four Germans were unemployed, that 

men were out of work because they choose to consume leisure.

~ Paul Samuelson

Is it not strange conventional wisdom thought:  

men cause their unemployment because they "choose" leisure? 

Is that not like saying: 

women cause their economic limitations because they choose to stay home with the kids or women choose low paying jobs; 


blacks cause their low wage jobs because they choose to seek jobs that pay low wages?

Conflict over cause and effect raises its sinister head once again. 

Attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions and values (ABCTV) cause conventional wisdom. 

What is the remedy? Obviously attitudes, beliefs, customs, traditions, and values (ABCTV) play a role in these differences. Those who want our nation to be conservative means “holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.”

Well, men and women can look at the ABCTVs of our culture to determine if they want to conserve the old ways or if there is a better way to construct society.

The only people who wish to bring back the "good old days" are the ones who were beneficiaries of those days.

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