Facebook Is Partnering with a Right-Wing Website to Police Fake News

Facebook drives toward right wing echo chamber.

Conservative news outlet The Weekly Standard has been approved by Facebook to partner in fact-checking "false news," a partnership that makes little sense given the outlet’s long history of making misleading claims, pushing extreme right-wing talking points, and publishing lies to bolster conservative arguments.

Calling the magazine a “serial misinformer”, Media Matters cited the Weekly Standard’s role in pushing false and misleading claims about Obamacare, Hillary Clinton and other political stories.

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What year is this - 1984?

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Right wing websites cannot police fake news. It's impossible because they are fake news. Face it. When you ask legitimate questions about healthcare you find Gianforte coming out of the woodwork to body slam you. If you want to claim that event as "fake news" why is it that the reporter was apologized to later?

What this all boils down to is that Facebook wants to do stats on both sides and have the right believe Facebook is on their side for real. Greedy bastards! Check into it now and you find Facebook memes for both GOP and DNC views. We all know they can't both be right. This will be just another case of trying to talk sense to a Trump supporter to hear them start talking about Obama. Hey, dude! Obama is not in power. What I am talking about could never have anything to do with Obama.

Tangential, but perhaps also representative of Facebook's relationship with the truth: Zuckerberg now claims Facebook will focus on its users' privacy!

Offering smaller virtual communities and ephemeral postings doesn't make up for their massive tracking, profiling (a hundred Facebook "likes" supposedly let someone know you better than your spouse does!), and SALE of user information.

And we should remember that psychological warfare through frighteningly targeted Facebook ads ("Robert Mercer's psyops behind the extremist takeover"), designed to make people start doubting their values, was one of the things that helped Donald Trump reach the White House. Facebook was a gleeful enabler of fake news, fake ideas, fake politics, and fake consent.

I have no use for flakebook.

I think what that means is that Facebook is now going to please everyone by tickling their asses with a feather of their own liking. This would be similar to the wicked witch looking into the mirror asking who was the fairest of them all. Totally fake! Along the way on this one you get "time out" for hate speech from time to time and everything "fact checked" by a right wing think tank. This has to come right out of modern Trumpology.

I'm only on FB for family and the memes that come from other places so I can react to them as a political activist in the first place. Much of what you write that way is seen by many others in different places.




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