Hierarchical Dominator Culture defines the universe as competitive. Toxic right wing strains apparently benefit from in-built moral blinders we all have. When people believe they're in competition and have to beat other groups, self-righteous lying jumps from 15-20% to 60%. Moreover, if competitors lie it's immoral but not when "we" do.

Novel experiments about loyalty indicate that people will overlook ...

... when faced with a choice between lying and betrayal, many people consider lying the more upstanding option.

Or at least that was the upshot of a series of experiments that Cornell management professor Angus Hildreth and colleagues set up to explore the tension between honesty and loyalty.

When asked to pledge loyalty to the group and told they were in competition and had to beat other groups, more people lied (around 60 percent). Those who pledged loyalty but were not prodded by competition committed the least lying (15 to 20 percent).

In a subsequent study, Hildreth and a colleague used a similar scenario and asked people to evaluate their own behavior. Those who lied (and benefited their team) rated themselves as more ethical than those who told the truth. But when asked to rate other people under the same scenario, people thought the liars were unethical, whether loyalty was a factor or not.

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The good news here is that when people realize that our climate crisis emergency is only made worse by competition - that only by global cooperation as partners can we manage an entire planet - this insight will make it easier for them to face uncomfortable TRUTHs.

In short, Partnership Culture values reinforce truth. We just have to transfer our loyalty to humanity as a whole, and see all benefits to our tribes as dependent on humanity thriving. Redefine betrayal!

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The study by Hildreth and a colleague, in a political context, becomes “It depends on whose ox is gored.”

Ruth, Dominator Culture has a use for many of the  seven and a quarter billions of us: send us to wars that will benefit them. What does Partnership Culture propose?

Well, first of all, the Partnership Culture does not put a high priority on competition, but on cooperation. If winning means someone else loses and instrumental behavior is needed, the lies benefit the effort, as does cheating, stealing, taking, exploiting, and manipulating. One wins at all costs, by any means necessary to win over the other. 

In a win/win society, there exist the behaviors of negotiation, mediation, cooperation. The P. Culture's culture is that all participate in the work and reward of life. 

Joan, the hope that all will participate in the work and reward of life puts a P. Culture beyond the reach of Homo Sapiens.

Last week's Brett Kavanaugh affair demonstrates that anti-social personality disorder afflicts too many who, avoiding prison, rise to positions of economic and political power. Too many other people support those who rise to such positions.




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