How I learned to stop fearing climate change and learned to love apocalypse

Well, sort of.


I'm despairing of intelligence in social discourse, press, government, industry, religion, or almost anywhere else.  Present company excluded, of course.


So we'll have climate change, everything big or delicate or refined or nonadaptive or beautiful will die off.  So nothing's forever.  What's special about people?  Or trees?  Or dodo birds?  Or panda bears?


Other eras ended with toxic volcano fumes, or asteroids, or diseasea, or whatever.  There are mass extinctions, cool critters become fossils, the little disgusting things like rodents and cockroaches re-evolve into the new dominant species.


What's next - who knows.  I think humanity is sowing the seeds of its own destruction and honestly doesnt care. 


To be honest, I love nature and the big trees and the cool animals and plants.  I find it appalling that people are so narcissistic and/or stupid and/or greedy that they take an "Après moi le déluge" attitude and basically tell future generations, "Après moi, fuck you."  Meanwhile, paradoxically thinking that their fecundity leads to pseudoimmortality because a few strands of their DNA might replicate for a few more generations.  Don't get me wrong - I would love the idea that a tree that I plant lives 100, 200 years and absorbs CO2 into its woody rings and gives shade to a future generation. I really grieve over the wanton destruction.


But I feel pretty sure, the self-centered assholes will win.  Does it matter?  Or should we give in to the hedonists and let the future worry about itself?



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Gotta back Howard on this... All is never lost until all is lost.
Thanks Jay, I'll take a look.
Daniel: Present company excluded, of course.

Just send beer, pornography.

You've just got to think of the little things - like disruption to communication and electricity grids through overload, fires or storms bring down lines etc. What do you do without electricity ? You won't be able to kill time here for a start. Imagine your civilised 21st century sensibilities if there is a complete communication blackout ? If you say that wouldn't terrify you, you're a liar.
I don't think we would like the same pornography.

Gotta get that panic room installed. Then I can starve to death safely.
With a name like felch grogan, he damn well better be open-minded about his porn.
You miss my point. Imagine all outside information ceases abruptly. You don't know why or for how long. Communication is reduced to the immediate neighbours. I think you'd get more than just a bit jittery.
Every so often my modem or my router locks up and I have to reset it before I can get back online. It's amazing how much canned food you can hoard in two and a half minutes. Especially since I almost never eat anything out of cans. I've got a nice collection going. I suppose I should start hoarding ammunition too, but then I'd probably have to buy a gun. Can you buy those online? And I could probably only get off a couple warning shots before my connection was restored. Not sure it's worth it. Maybe with full-auto.
OK - it's just me then. I have an intense fear of loss of information - kind of like your boat losing its anchor in the middle of the night and drifting and you wake without seeing any landmarks at all and your compass is broken. That's how I view an information blackout. Complete loss of bearings and reference points.
Well, presumably you do keep some information stored safely in your noggin, as is traditional. Or do you just mean you fear the loss of your continuous information feed? I confess I do get a little twitchy when I'm not able to check the news, my email, and A|N for extended periods, but then I also get bored when I've made the rounds online and there's nothing else to look at. I know the intertubez is a big place (are a big places?), but for some reason, I always seem to hang out at the same watering holes, and sometimes they go a little dry.
It is the conflict between the medieval village mind and the modern cosmopolitan. To know there is more than just your village is enlightening, losing information of what goes on outside your village blinding. I don't think you guys are quite getting my point at all. I guess its the fear of losing contact and reverting to "here be dragons" for whatever is out of your line of sight.
plus there's the porn.



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