How I learned to stop fearing climate change and learned to love apocalypse

Well, sort of.


I'm despairing of intelligence in social discourse, press, government, industry, religion, or almost anywhere else.  Present company excluded, of course.


So we'll have climate change, everything big or delicate or refined or nonadaptive or beautiful will die off.  So nothing's forever.  What's special about people?  Or trees?  Or dodo birds?  Or panda bears?


Other eras ended with toxic volcano fumes, or asteroids, or diseasea, or whatever.  There are mass extinctions, cool critters become fossils, the little disgusting things like rodents and cockroaches re-evolve into the new dominant species.


What's next - who knows.  I think humanity is sowing the seeds of its own destruction and honestly doesnt care. 


To be honest, I love nature and the big trees and the cool animals and plants.  I find it appalling that people are so narcissistic and/or stupid and/or greedy that they take an "Après moi le déluge" attitude and basically tell future generations, "Après moi, fuck you."  Meanwhile, paradoxically thinking that their fecundity leads to pseudoimmortality because a few strands of their DNA might replicate for a few more generations.  Don't get me wrong - I would love the idea that a tree that I plant lives 100, 200 years and absorbs CO2 into its woody rings and gives shade to a future generation. I really grieve over the wanton destruction.


But I feel pretty sure, the self-centered assholes will win.  Does it matter?  Or should we give in to the hedonists and let the future worry about itself?



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On first thought the apocalypse would give me way more time to do all the nothing that I'd like to do.

On second thought I'd probably be too busy scavenging for water and food and avoiding becoming Soylent Green to do much about nothing.
Daniel the Prostate: plus there's the porn.

Absolutely. If my porn torrents disappeared, I'd probably have to resort to sex.
Oh, you aren't the only one. I haven't even spoken to my neighbors for years. I shudder to imagine having to walk down to the street asking strangers for the news.
not to mention, without refrigeration and electricity for heat, foraging for food will be an adventure.

Maybe climate change is the Earth's version of a fever. It's infected with with massive humanosis (or is it humanitis?). Weather events and earthquakes are the chills and rigors.
The earth's got a fever.

Another very likely scenario is a breakdown of our electrical infrastructure which, in turn, would shut down water supply and all communication.
Two words: Soylent Green. Oh, wait. We were trying to cheer Daniel up, right? Oops. Still, people are the problem, after all, and Soylent Green kills two birds with one stone.
Jason, Soylent green is not a bad thought, but as a vegetarian, I would have to use it as compost. I picture it being like fish emulsion.

Say..... maybe instead of the green burial, I can just have myself composted, then packaged into little bottles to fertilize tomatoes.
I'm a vegetarian also. However, I don't understand why most people are. I'd probably eat meat if I could stand the taste and texture. Soylent Green overcomes both doesn't it? :)
Oh - according to this article, it's really "Soylent Vauguely Pink". Not as interesting sounding however.
Huh. I think Susanne Wiigh-Mäsak's name is composting nicely. It'll be all diphthongs before too long, the way she's going. Still, who wouldn't want to be "supercooled in liquid nitrogen to about minus 196°C, then shattered into very small pieces on a vibration table"? Beam me up, Scotty! That is awesome! Crap, I can hardly wait to try it!
It does sound truly awesome! And I'm not just being hyperbolic. Or am I?



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