McKenzie Funk introduces  Windfall, his new book,, in Profiteers Are Lining Up To Make Money Off Global Warming.

He suggests that we are collectively engaging in hyperbolic discounting.

At the analytical level, there is, along with the tension between individual and systemic risk—an apparent tragedy of the commons—something economists call hyperbolic discounting. It goes like this: Offer to give someone either $5 today or $10 next year, and he'll probably take the $5.

Among many activists, politicians, and scientists, the assumption is that climate change now suffers mainly from a PR problem: If the proper nudges can be found or the reality of it finally made visceral, the public will take action. Unspoken and scarcely examined is a second, much bigger assumption: that "taking action" means trying to cut carbon emissions.

 There's another possible response … to the reality of climate change—a response that is tribal, primal, profit-driven, short-term, and not at all idealistic. Every man for himself. Every business for itself. Every city for itself. Every country for itself. There's the possibility that we take the $5. [emphasis mine]

If so, it's REALLY short term thinking, because

One recent prediction, from MIT, is of a median warming of 5.2 degrees Celsius by 2100 if we don't curtail emissions...

That's not take $5 now or $10 in a decade, it's keep burning fossil fuel now and kill everybody in 83 years, or give up fossil fuel ASAP and maybe a remnant of civilization will survive in 83 years.

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But clearly, the free market will sort it out better than the government could, right?  -_-

Excellent book, Ruth. The fallacy,

"the assumption is that climate change now suffers mainly from a PR problem"

~ "collectively engaging in hyperbolic discounting"

and the prediction of doing nothing or increasing the use of coal, oil, and gas

" a median warming of 5.2 degrees Celsius by 2100 if we don't curtail emissions..."

MIT prediction

  • The fossil fuel industry is going down – with a fight. They’ve cast their lot with the Trump administration because without the support of corrupt politicians, their days are numbered. And it’s happening all over the globe: the fossil fuel industry is funding a global wave of authoritarian politicians in a desperate bid for power. It’s our job to accelerate the transition away from their hate and greed before they can do more damage.

The people who profit from the fossil fuel industry created the problems we face with global climate change!

They will have to rethink their position and look at the long range consequences of their greed. 

The people who realize this fact and who oppose POTUS 45 on those grounds can join with others to reveal their concern:  

The perfect place to start is by joining one of this week’s nationw...


The Peoples Climate March on April 29 will be a historic moment where we will show unshakeable opposition to Trump’s agenda and push forward our own vision of a 100% renewable energy economy that works for all.

It’s been 50 days since Donald Trump became President – here are a few things worth remembering. READ:

Jeez! I'm too old for this kind of resistance; OK, I'm not dead yet and I intend to give my all to get rid of this maniac and his henchpeople!




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