The biggest mind-fuck in the US, by my view, is the way corporate wealth tricks citizens to to give the most powerful and wealthy even more power and money, against the citizens' own interests.

... liberal washing is all about wrapping corporate America’s agenda in the veneer of fight-for-the-little-guy progressivism, thus portraying plutocrats’ radical rip-off schemes as ideologically moderate efforts to rescue the proles.

As a political tactic, it makes perfect sense. Whether it is a company, a trade association, a front group or a lobbying firm that is pushing a particular policy, corporate America knows that it has a better chance of getting its way if it can portray its goals as an apolitical agenda with support from both sides of the ideological spectrum. Liberal washing is the key to that formula; it helps depict the radical as mainstream, the ideological as pragmatic and the old-fashioned heist as an act of bleeding-heart altruism. [emphasis mine]

How the 1 Percent Always Gets Its Way

Davis Sirota gives lots of examples.

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Frustrating beyond endurance. The USA population won't wake up until/unless an economic total collapse occurs. Hunker down folks. 

Sirota's neologism, liberal washing, is both incomplete and unnecessary.

It does however suggest that liberalism is a source of the people that both conservatism and progressivism want to recruit.

Consider the following:

Conservatives are liberals who have been mugged and are fearful.

Progressives are liberals who have been mugged and are angry.

They all want the mugging to end, until they ally themselves with the muggers.

Your obviously very concerned about these matters Ruth.

When a small minority has hegemony over the rest of society, anarchy, sooner or later will break out. It's simply a matter of time. The USA like the UK is walking blind into a situation where the imbalance of wealth will become to wide for society to remain stable. People who say these things won't happen are in for a shock.




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