I don't read the dead tree rags very often and usually don't choose the Sun-Times anyway so I missed hearing about this most excellent article/post by Roger Ebert.

New Agers and Creationists should not be President.

Besides the general feeling we should fight against the woo-woo, Ebert makes a good point about its relationship to the body politic. I think it is an important issue at all levels of government, not just the Federal. Is this something that we need to address at level other than individual races? What can we do to keep the woo-heads from even running? Or is targeting specific races and candidates the way to go?

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Or Prime Minister (^_-)
excellent article. I often wonder how the "progressives" shun religion-based pseudoscience and embrace new-age pseudoscience.
I get more impressed with Ebert with every article. The man is truly blossoming into a fine tuned no-bullshit carmudgeon. He unloaded on Bill O'Reilly not too long ago too.

"New Age beliefs are the Creationism of the Progressives" says it all.
I hadn't seen your post, Adriana. Apologies to all for the unnecessary electrons wasted.
I've known people on, let's call it the left side of spirituality, who make most of the same arguments that atheists make, and make fun of Christianity but then go on to believe something equally ridiculous, somehow thinking they're an exception and all the criticisms of religion don't apply to them.
I can't understand Atheists who reject the horse crap of religion and then embrace some nonsense woo-woo that is equally delusional. It's as if they need a substitute religion.
Personally I think the problem is humans in general can't accept those 3 words, "I don't know". They'll always be things in life even science can't explain and people can't accept that. Just watched an interview with Morgan Freeman who's doing a series on space related stuff (technical term) and he, and of course many others, refer to the things that are still a mystery in space "the god factor". He almost seemed to imply we know just about everything already and anything unknown is because of god. I think that sums up many people's thinking.
Freeman also thinks the Haiti quake was caused by global warming.
One of the human survival traits is pattern recognition and subsequently pattern seeking. Another trait of humans is when they can't find pattern or cause - they make shit up.
Ebert rocks. He unloads on Bill O'Reilly here.




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