Heritage Foundation fellow Steve Moore congratulates the left on "one of the greatest propaganda campaigns in world history" promoting "a dingbat idea of global climate change."

This is the guy Trump tapped for his economic advisor.

He's probably an expert on dingbat climate change related propaganda campaigns, I'll give him that.

He claims, in so many words, that the dying Great Barrier Reef and melting-out Arctic Sea Ice arise from a Stalinist Hoax. We await his demonstration of the mechanism for hoaxes killing coral and melting ice.  A bench-top prototype would no doubt yield a viral video.

Trump Economic Advisor: Climate Change Is The Greatest Stalinistic ...

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AKA "weaponized ignorance."

Well, duh.  The NRA is on his side.

Hmmmm - I hadn't thought of the expression as relating to physical weapons. As far as I know Esquire columnist Charlie Pierce coined the phrase, and he was referring to the strategic uses of the ignorance itself as the weapon in question.

As an unrelated aside, I saw an interview with an Italian journalist the other day, and he referred to the Catholic Church as the "NRA of Italy."

I think that the phrase weaponized-X for many negative attributes has been around for longer than he has been.  It's just a specific usage of that.

I can see that comparison to the Catholic church, yeah.  I just hope that the influence of the Catholic church seems to be waning over there, the way that the influence of the NRA is waning over here.

Well, Italy finally recognized same sex unions, which was quite a barbed suppository for the Vatican, but they had enough clout to strip adoption rights out of the legislation. I hope you're right about the NRA's influence waning here.

The NRA has been less effective in the last 4 or 5 years, since we've been paying so much more attention than usual to mass shootings.  It's too early to tell whether or not that's a long-term trend.  Americans have a distressing tendency to go back to the status quo, a year or two after something is a major social issue, learning nothing.

They've already succeeded beyond their wildest dreams considering a mass shooting has become just the new normal and hardly a news story. (And that's compared to the two weeks of ineffectual hand wringing it used to engender.)

We're on the down-slope, yeah.  It's hard to say whether or not people's thinking on actual gun-control issues will change any.  It's obviously impossible to get any actual legislation passed on it, while the Republican congress can't even get a freaking budget passed.

The big sign is in the polling.  I'm sure the NRA is still throwing money at Republican candidates, but polls are showing that actually speaking about gun issues is no longer a winning strategy for conservatives.

At least they were.  I'm not positive about the present.

The fondness of many Americans for violence dates from long before the NRA became a subsidiary of the GOP.

We are failing to put the blame where it belongs, so let's put it closer to where it belongs. We can use a method that mathematicians know as successive approximations.

I first saw America as more violence-prone than England or Holland during the Korean War, when naval task forces commanded by American officers fired their ships' guns far more often than task forces commanded by English or Dutch officers.

WW2 made clear that Nazi Germany was more violent than America.

Did WW1 made clear that Europe generally was more violent that America.

How did America's treatment of native Americans rank in the 19th Century?

Blah, blah, blah.

Yeah, you're right; continuing that won't deal with today's gun violence in America. It also won't help us deal with today's sharp partisan difference on reducing gun violence.

Partisan differences (Dem vs. Repub) move me to a generalization: Democratic policies are dumb and Republican policies are cruel.

Instances of DUMB? A staunchly Democratic former Oregon highway patrolman I know told me that only high ranking patrol and police officers should have guns, and when necessary they can distribute guns to lower ranking officers. To that, add his refusal to deal with only criminals having guns.

Further, with each Democratic success, ordinary Americans buy more handguns.

Instances of CRUEL? We get them every time Republican politicians speak.

Oh hell, seven billion people are too many. So we're going for eight billion..

I haven't watched it yet.  Did he actually say Stalinist?

Can we get Bill Nye and/or Neil deGrasse Tyson on this dip-shit's ass, soonest?




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