scheduled to appear:

TAM_5_-_James_Randi__and_Jamy_Ian_Swiss_by_Scott_HurstThe God Delusion's Richard Dawkins (Keynote event)

JREF Founder James Randi

Bad Astronomer Phil Plait

Doubt's Jennifer Michael Hecht

Jon Stewart's The Daily Show Head Writer David Javerbaum

Skeptic Society's Michael Shermer

Center for Inquiry Founder Paul Kurtz

TAM_5_-_Penn_Jillette_and_Teller_by_Scott_HurstBullshit!'s Penn & Teller

Mythbuster Adam Savage

Skeptical Inquirer Editor Ken Frazier

Social Scientist and Author Carol Tavris

JREF President D.J. Grothe

Trick or Treatment's Simon Singh

Renowned Geologist Donald Prothero

TAM_6_-_Adam_Savage_by_Scott_HurstMathematical Gamester Martin Gardner (by Video)

Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell

Master Magician and "Honest Liar" Jamy Ian Swiss

Mentalist and Alpha Kid Banachek

Evolutionary Scientist and Skeptic Massimo Pigliucci

Steve, Jay, Bob, Rebecca and Evan: The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

Secular Coaltion of America's Sean Faircloth

UFO Expert James McGaha

TAM_5_by_Scott_HurstSkeptic's Toolbox host and CSI Fellow Ray Hyman

Point of Inquiry's Karen Stollznow

Skepticzone's Own Richard Saunders

Grassroots Skeptics Founder KO Myers

Masala Skeptic Maria Walters

Granite State Skeptics Co-Founder and President Travis Roy

Boston Skeptics' Maggie McFee

CFI's Campus Organizer Debbie Goddard

JREF Communications and Outreach Coordinator Jeff Wagg

JREF Program Assistant and Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Founder Alison Smith

Juggler and Bullshit! Producer Michael Goudeau

Opening_Reception_-_TAM_7_by_Scott_Hurst-4Wonder-Worker Michael Weber

Skeptical Songster Roy Zimmerman

Perennial TAM Master of Ceremonies Hal Bidlack

CSI Director Barry Karr

Brain Science Podcasts' Ginger Campbell

Fab Four Live's John Lennon Steve Craig

Comedian and Magician Mac King

Junior Skeptic's Daniel Loxton

Penn & Teller's Pianist Mike "Jonesy" Jones

And many more! 

The Amazing Meeting 2010


I went last year and I'm not missing it this year.  I had a fabulous time!

Who is planning to attend?  I would love to have a No Nonsense group there!  


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Vegas is not my favorite place on the planet, but the -tater and I are discussing attending.
The hotel is far from the strip. 14 miles or something.

Last year we took a bus to the strip for an hour, just to see how much it's changed since the last time I was there which was nearly 20 years previous. It was burning hot, very crowded, and obnoxious. I won't be doing that this year unless we get tickets for Penn and Teller.
I have relatives in Vegas that I haven't seen since I was a kid. I might consider contacting them. They'd probably appreciate me contacting them in enough time so they can put iron bars on their windows before I arrive.
I'm planning on it. I know some of the people from the Pikes Peak Skeptics Society go every year.
I know someone who gets sent to Vegas for educational workshops. He says that the motels/hotels are so large, that you never have to go out for anything. Also, AC.
yeah - you don't leave the hotel. It's a sauna out there.
This hotel is not too bad. It's far from the strip. It's not a big luxury hotel/casino. There is a little bar to gather with friends, and a few restaurants.
I hate the heat more than anyone I know, I don't gamble (except with the money they give you to play) and I would love to get away from the hotel, but I'm still going. Stop making excuses.
Maybe someone who is getting a room would let you crash in it? I don't know what these Skeptic cons are like, but I hear that people at sci fi cons stuff rooms.
I would love to go but suspect that my owners might not be willing to for me a pass at that time. The work situation is very tight. Hard to say. Vegas is crass, superficial, artificial, artifice. I love it. I've been there 3 times in the past 5 years, didn't gamble a dime, but did walk around gawking and silently pass judgement on the people who were gambling. Being judgemental is fun too.
I have my ticket!

Just a bit over a week left to get an early registration discount:

There is a scholarship program for those who are unable to afford the ticket. You must pay for your flight and either purchase or share a room. There is a list - get on it now by writing a short letter to:

Paul C. Anagnostopoulos

He is in charge of the TAM scholarship program.

All you need to write is that you are extremely interested in attending, that you are unable to afford the ticket, and that you would greatly appreciate being considered. No proof on finances or anything else is required. You can mention our little skeptic group here, it may get you extra points, who knows, it is worth a try. Remember to include your full name, address, and telephone number (and of course email)

Good luck!

If anyone needs more information, I attended last year. I may or may not know the answer. Please post any questions here, or direct message me.
Well, that does sound like fun, though my finances are up in the air. I would try for the scholarship thingy, but I don't think I have a chance of spelling Mr. Agnosticopolus's name correctly, and I'm sure I'd lose points for that. I'll have to see if I can con anybody into driving there with me.
cut and paste - get on the list now. You can always give it up as long as you give a week or so notice and it will go to another needy person.




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