IT seems odd to me (in a way) that Fox (Rupert Murdoch) distributes Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity AND Matt Groening (The Simpsons) and Seth MacFarland (The Family Guy).

I know it is economics - but at that level - is Fox kind of 'fair and balanced'?

(Yes, I know - Faux news is bullshit disguised as journalism and the cartoons are satirical subversion of bullshit disguised as bullshit.) Nevertheless ...

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If a show was produced where people ate human babies on camera, and it was legal to show, Fox would gladly air it.

The only reason The Simpsons and Family Guy are shown is that they generate a lot of revenue. I don't think fair and balanced has anything to do with it.

I think it is entirely economics.

by the way, I love "...the cartoons are satirical subversion of bullshit disguised as bullshit"
You're right of course. But that means that Murdoch's real bias is money - he is the snake oil peddler who probably doesn't buy his own bullshit - anymore than Carl Rove did. (Not gonna quote Rove - trust me on this or don't.)

I think Hitler bought his own bullshit. I don't think Beck does. I think Bush did. Maybe it doesn't matter. But it IS possible that the disingenuous snake oil peddler might be willing to sell aspirin and penicillin as well as a homeopathic water.
I think Beck does... He knows he has millions of supporters and that probably gives him the inflated ego he needs to buy his own bullshit. Hell, he has his own niche of them that nobody else can claim solely except for, maybe, Mitt Romney and the angel Moron(i).
I appologize for having found this thread at such a late date, but I have to fully agree on Dubbya Shrub II believing his own bullshit. Dubbya was already a C student, pursuing a non-cerebral field which only required memorization and regurgitation, and acts exactly the way every half-brain damaged fuck really does act when they burn up half their mental capacity on dope and booze for a three decades and then find Jesus in rehab. Bush is like a lot of friends of mine... I'd love to hang out and party with them, but I wouldnt let him run a fucking taco stand.

And how the fuck can anyone at all say the words "Carl" and "Rove" together without a venomous torrent of profanity spewing forth bile and loathing? THAT.... fucking.... scumbag... pathogen.... sorry fucking excuse for a sentient being, cumbubble, worthless waste of human fucking flesh... That sociopathic, pathological liar, who, evidently, would sell his fucking mother down the river for the public gains of whoever the fuck would pay his sorry ass money and attention, why the fuck has he not been drawn and quartered??? Has anyone, other than his, recently dispatched from the mortal coil by cancer, fucking twisted mentor and associate who got dubbyas fucking daddy elected, harmed our modern politics, and attempts at social progress more than THAT piece of shit???

Ok... so Rove hits a nerve with me... I'm sure you couldnt tell, though... lol Ohhh fuck, that felt good... I loathe that walking bowel movement with every fiber of my being. Every time I see him I make gutteral grunts and beat the ground with my stick
Rove is far more Machiavellian than Machiavelli ever dreamed possible.
I absolutely have to write that down, and quote it endlessly... rather like the first time I heard someone referred to as microcephalic... its just such a dandy little
"If a show was produced where people ate human babies on camera, and it was legal to show, Fox would gladly air it."

That's ridiculous and inflammatory, and not an accurate representation of Fox's editorial position.

They would have to be black or hispanic babies, preferably chicken-fried.
Is Dr House the first atheist protagonist on American television?
Probably the most relentlessly so. Scotty on Classic Star Trek was off-handedly referred to as not believing in gods in one episode.
I've yet to see Bones. I don't think I watched House more than a few times. I just seem to get burned out with drama far too quickly to watch most shows. Reminds me of watching the first few episodes of Battlestar Gallactica. It was initially appealing, but it doesn't take long before I just can't ignore the soap-opera-esque dramatic style.
Bill_S: They've been recycling shows for decades.

I think the epitome of recycling was The Wild Wild West. About 100 episodes, only one plot:

James West infiltrates some Bad Guy's lair at night. Eventually, his presence is noticed, he has a brawl with henchmen, is subdued and brought (held by two henchmen) in front of the Bad Guy, who he has a short argument with. After a while, he does his signature reverse somersault, punches the henchman on his left, then the one on his right, but gets knocked down from behind, and brought to jail. Enters Artemus Gordon in disguise, etc.

Heck, they even recycled the title ("The Night of...") through the whole series. I hope the guy who wrote the initial scenario got rich.
You can't actually mean that Gilligan will do something stupid to keep them from getting off the island? Spooky.. What are you, a psychic? hehehhe



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