The nonsense of hyperbole. Stunning! Hugely unprecedented!

Reading news articles, blogs, and even discussions on Nexus, I've grown weary of hyperbolic excess.


After so much use, hyperbole becomes meaningless.  Somewhere, "Huge" and "Hugely" became words for "fairly much, but I want to sound really impressive".  Shocking!  It's incredibly shameless to say that!  I'm disgusted by your baseless assumptions!?!?!


As a rhetorical tool, I don't think hyperbole has much effect, except to inspire others to counter with hyperbole.  Even so, I think that when you wrestle a hog, you just wind up covered with mud and hogshit, and it makes the hog happier.  That's a shameless bastardization of the original expression!  Crude and inacceptible!  George Bernard shaw would roll over in his grave!!!!!!!!


Excessive use extreme robs extreme words of their meaning.  Any more, when someone goes on a big attack and I wonder, "what deserved that level of shock and awe?"  When the drama level is too high, I stop accepting the credibility of the dramatist.  I decide that a conversation isn't worth having. 


When everyone else is shouting, maybe the most effective approach is a whisper.


That's why I think hyperbole is nonsense.  It does not result in exchange of ideas, isn't convincing, is drama for drama's sake, and detracts from the real discussions.  That includes discussions on Nexus.


That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.

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When bosses start talking like that, the word is instantly lame. I worked at a job that had some kind of "You Rock!" nomination for people with good performance. Needless to say, I never say "you rock" anymore.
Or, when a very good word, that is very useful is dragged in to the spotlight as the catch word of the day and is beaten to death, even when 50% of the users have no idea of the word's meaning. The one that grates on me is "paradigm", particularly when it is applied to some mundane (and generally stupid) idea.
I heard one TV bloviator use the phrase "paradigmising the problem"...gak! ...WTF does that mean??
Wouldn't that cause brain damage?
It would result in massive, incredible, shocking change of paradigm! It would be incredibly offensive!!!!!!
You know, I likes me some Superbowl sometimes, but you're right. Hyperbowl is just too much.
Thank you Jason.
Best post of all time on the topic!
As an example of the opposite (or maybe it's not....): Kitchen Sink Link



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