Trump’s Lies Have Grown Far More Frequent—and More Dangerous

The deluge of lies from the current administration will have dire consequences, warns the RAND Corporation. *45's unprecedented "information warfare" on the US public, similar to Russian propaganda strategies, could leave the public mistrustful and confused during an actual crisis.

... a book-length study from the nonpartisan RAND Corporation warns that a growing disregard for basic facts could have dire longterm consequences for American democracy.

From June through August, Trump averaged more than 15 bogus statements a day—more than triple his daily rate in 2017.

…  RAND found previous eras of truth decay contributed to national economic crises like the Depression. “There are long-term consequences of making policy without facts.”

This unprecedented behavior from a US president is akin to dumping gasoline on a long-smoldering trend RAND researchers call “Truth Decay”: a deepening disagreement over basic facts that is increasingly undercutting the fundamentals of our democracy, from elections to policymaking. 

… President Trump’s daily drumbeat of lies and false statements marks an accelerating crisis.

... his [Trump's] ongoing information warfare tracked closely with ... 

propaganda strategies used in Russia under Vladimir Putin. 

…  four key characteristics, all of which Trump continues to demonstrate:

“High-volume and multi-channel”

“Rapid, continuous and repetitive”

“Lacks commitment to objective reality”

“Lacks commitment to consistency”

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Dire consequences to making policy without facts, such as, perhaps, guaranteeing the end of civilization in the next century in the name of fossil fuel profit now?

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Ruth, some of our successes result from our standing on the shoulders of others; other successes result from our own efforts.

Our failures? Some of them result from our having fallen from others’ shoulders, and others result from our having refused to stand on others’ shoulders.

All of the above resulted from reading your opening post, and remembering that decades ago I read that every generation has to win its freedoms.




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