The primary work of Trump's candidacy -- and his presidency -- has been

to erode the idea that objective truth exists. 

                                                                  Chris Cillizza

This poll number proves how powerful Trump's misinformation machine...

Apparently 40% of Republicans in the gaslighted US disbelieve a White House transcript on Trump's say so. 

... he has so conditioned his supporters to believe what he says -- and, as importantly, to reject out-of-hand anything the media reports on -- that actual facts are worthless to them. Even when -- as is the case with the Ukraine call -- the White House is the one providing the facts. [emphasis mine]

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Daniel W.'s words from January 2017 are worth revisiting!

How do we deal with the gaslighter-in-chief? One of the modern masters of gaslighting ...persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, in an attempt to destabilize and delegitimize his targets... (including media that call out hislies) how to deal with the gaslighting practices of a demagogue and potential tyrant? It takes many approaches, many talents, many ideas, and many people. Name the practice. Name the enabling press and media corporations. Do not support them. Do not click on their click-bait. Discourage others from going to their websites. Seek strategies to counter it. When someone passes on political gaslighting, call it that. Be calm, be strong, be positive, and start to shed light. Be open to constructive ideas. We have a common goal, to return reason to the US. (Daniel W., Atheist Nexus) [over photo of a gaslight]

Unfortunately that "common goal" isn't as common as it should be! As you point out, a sizable minority of citizens still seem to think the Gaslighter-in-Chief can do no wrong, and that everything he says is gospel. (Even if it contradicts what he said yesterday or last week! Somewhat like an actual well-known religious scripture...)

Many Americans have traded their identity for a red hat.




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