If Trumpspeak is the new "greatest oratory", it's evidence that we live in la-la land. Or perhaps it's evidence that a vast number of us are collectively batshit crazy.

Steve Bannon says that Trump is "probably the greatest orator since William Jennings Bryan."

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"He gets it; he gets it intuitively,...  he speaks in a non-political vernacular, he communicates with these people in a very visceral way. ... he was delivering such a compelling and powerful economic message.” [emphasis mine]

Ringside With Steve Bannon at Trump Tower as the President-Elect's ...

Asking about Trump,"...  How did someone so wrong — not just wrong, but inappropriate, unfit and "loathsome," according to The New York Times — get it so spot-on right?", Michael Wolff suggests that fiercely intellectual Bannon must somehow assess him correctly. 

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Well, if 45 can learn how to do that, visceral Vernacular, so can we! If we do, we will lose some of our most ardent supporters. Perhaps there is a responsible, reasonable way to communicate to the crowd. The issues have many unwanted and unintended outcomes, and we need to be aware of that. 

How did someone so unsound — not just unsound, but unsuitable, unqualified, and abhorrent — get the mood of the voters so completely right?

We need to find a visceral way to explain global warming so that the uninformed will understand. 

The Wealth-Gap has unwanted consequences. The wealthy do not have an interest in reducing heir wealth, so it is up to the 99% to get the message out. 

There is a whole slew of issues he needs to address on which 45 isn't taking appropriate action.

A living income:
Federal Reserve:
Health care: 
Separation of Church and State:
Wealth Gap: 

Greatest orator since William Jennings Bryan?  What the fuck?  Even Bannon should know better than that.  Trump is good at lying and promising impossible things to people who are too ignorant to realize that what he's promising is impossible, but he's only even good at that when he doesn't have people pressing him with questions.  I've listened to one of his press conferences.  The dude can barely string together a coherent thought about 2 out of every 5 tries.

Cheaper health insurance that covers everyone and covers more things with lower co-pays, while spending less government money.  Yeah, that's ... not a thing.  You could rip our healthcare out of the hands of the free market and rebuild it from the ground up, possibly making all health insurance cover more things for less money.  Somehow, I doubt the Republicans are going to do that, though.

We knew that Trump was substance-free, during the election, when his response to questions about how he was going to do anything was that he knew the best people, and he would get them to do it.  This last election was a triumph of the stupidity and gullibility of the American voters.

It was also a defeat of decency and civility.

The dude can barely string together a coherent thought about 2 out of every 5 tries.


William Jennings Bryan? You mean the "great orator" that was a passionate opponent of "Darwinism" as they called it in his day? The guy who was instrumental in the Scopes Trial? I'll bet most of the Trump crowd doesn't even know who the dude is. The bar has been lowered to the point that it doesn't really exist any more.

"The greatest orator since William Jennings Bryan?!?"  Every time I think the bullshit scale has been maxed out, Drumpf or one of his flunkies comes up with an even more specious and unlikely statement to outdo themselves.  This has precious little to do with his oratory, such as it is.  What Donnie did more than anything else was to latch onto a genuine silent plurality of voters, who either didn't feel as though they were being addressed or were bent out of shape because of the n****r in the White House or wanted to protest Hillary's candidacy.  What resulted was the US getting stuck with a man who may be the single worst informed and most incompetent president in history.

We're through the looking glass. White is black. And black is white.
-- Jim Garrison, JFK

Honey, we could be in Kansas.

--Bob Dylan




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