Reading coverage of Bernie Sanders makes me feel as if we're half way to dystopia. 

MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Is Getting Truly Ridiculous

How NYT Reporter Sydney Ember Uses Corporate Sources to Attack Bern...

I used to think MSNBC was a reasonable news source. The six examples of outright lies and misleading graphics has changed my mind.

This proves Sanders isn't in second place. Because 48% is more than 49%.

And 48% is more than 50%.

And they prove that Sanders gets more donations from men than from women, by ignoring all contributions under $200.

Long gone are days I respected the New York Times. " ...the New York Times’ documented anti-Sanders bias, which can be found among both editors and reporters alike."

image source

Many commentors thought pushing "Uncle Joe" on Democrats would guarantee Trump the election. <sigh> I wouldn't be surprised.

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An occasional mistake, acknowledged, retracted, and corrected, is one thing. A pattern of "mistakes" systematically misrepresenting the news is something else.

I'll add another facepalm: 




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