When You're Ready To Look A Heavily Taxpayer-Subsidized Piece of Nonsense In Its Face, . . .

. . . read, or at least browse, Donald E. Scott's The Electric Sky.

Scott holds a doctorate in electrical engineering and for 39 years taught that subject at a major American university.

He says electrical engineers don't need the religion-like cosmology we know as Big Bang cosmology to explain the universe. He says electrical engineers don't have to devise unprovable hypotheses to fill the Big Bang's many gaps.

In his Chapter 18, titled Lowering the Drawbridge, Scott says astronomers "retreated into a fortress-like mentality, pulling up the drawbridge behind them" and describes the dependence of Big Bang cosmology on taxpayer support.

During several years in environmental politics I dealt with a similar fortress-like mentality in the heads of people who wanted to remedy a man-made water problem by building dams paid for by taxpayers.

Those dambuilders, their employment depending on continued taxpayer support, fought hard, loud and long.

Be prepared for Big Bang cosmologists to do the same.

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Which alternative model is he supporting?

Joseph, check Wikipedia's "plasma cosmology" or visit plasma universe

Will do.

When specialists in one subject writes about another subject - like an electrical engineer writing a book about cosmology - the result is typically BS. 

It's true for popular health books as well.  I'm interested in popular health books written by medical researchers, about the subject they're researching. 

Otherwise, you will be extensively misled.  Even if the book is written by an MD, if they're writing about another medical specialty, it's very likely misleading. 

That also struck me.  I don't see how his specialty gives him any kind of authority on the matter.  I'll look over the stuff, but until a hell of a lot of actual cosmologists come around to his way of thinking ...

Well, plasmas are electrical :)

Agreed, Luara, there is a lot of plasma in space.

There's a lot of it here on earth too, as in the neon signs used in advertising, in the arcs of arc welding machines, in lightning bolts, and more.

Many electrical engineers are qualified to deal with plasmas.

Well put, Luara.

Churchmen in Galileo's time refused to look through his telescope at the night sky.

BB cosmologists in our time refuse to look at the evidence for an electric universe.

Churchmen had the unverified and unverifiable woo then (and have it now).

BB cosmologists have the unverified and unverifiable woo now.

Money talks with a loud voice.

Here we go around the mulberry bush Tom.


You've been eating the woo again, Gerald; it's a pseudo-mulberry bush you're circling,


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