This is a place to list nontheistic religions that are already out there.  We can discuss their relative strengths and weaknesses and how they may be improved.

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Okay, the first nontheist religion that I would like to bring up is the Dallas Optihumanist Fellowship in the process of being founded by David Wallace Croft. It's website is : .
Not much there to call a religion. It sounds more like a branch of the the Libertarian political party obsessed with cryonics. Just having holidays does not a religion make. Solely on the basis of their top ten movie picks I would have to reject them!
There is also the North Texas Church of Freethought in Dallas that has a thriving congregation. Here is their website: .
sounds good, too bad I'm no texan.
Ruddy brought up pantheism so here is a a link to scientific pantheism: .
Sorry, I added an extra 'd'. His name is Rudy.

You could list Buddhism (although there are "spiritual", and "supernatural" beliefs within the dogma):

Satanism (no supernatural beliefs at all):

and Jainism (again spiritual and supernatural beliefs within dogma:

Shamanism and other forms of animalism could be counted (although it of course contains "small gods" in the form of spirits):

Don't worry. I don't believe in spirits. ;)


But this is an atheistic community, that does not mean that all people here don't believe in anything supernatural.


An atheist is highly likely to be a sceptic and a firm "believer" in science. But not all are. My partner is atheistic but believes in supernatural phenomona.


Miller certainly seems to advocates a world without supernaturalism in his introduction, but maybe the name he choose for this group was inaccurate.

If this group within the atheistic community is meant for non-supernatural religions only, it might need a change of name.


In that case I only have Satanism to add to the list.

I really enjoy the church of reality website. Especially their stress and the amount of importance they stake on monorealism. Thanks for the link Tea Cup.

Satan is he not one of the most supernatural force then?

Yeah, but Satanist don't believe in Satan. LaVey indeed only saw him as a metaphor. A proud, indulging, ego-loving, gentleman. Among other things. ;) But I am not here to advocate or defend Satanism, nor to convert people. I just named the religion because I was asked.


Monorealism from the website of the church of reality itelf:

Monorealism is the belief in one reality. That all things that are real are part of reality and that anything that isn't part of reality is not real.


The reason why I personally like it is because it also seems to exclude all the new age "reality is different for/to every person" bullshit. In my view there is only one reality. Because of our flawed human perception mechanisms and mental processes; everybody has a different, warped and ultimately flawed model of that one reality.

Sorry for the late reply:

Color is an attribute that matter has.

"The Qualia of Color" is the term that describes the conscious experience the consciousness experiences as it "sees" color.


Your definition of "real" would than determine if an "experience" is real or not. If you define it as "being matter" than the experience is not real because experience is no matter. If you define real as "being matter or the process of matter." than experience is probably real because modern science would indicate that experience is a process of matter.


I am no expert in any field of philosophy though. So I could be horribly wrong.

Sorry I don't live in Texas. Not sure where you got that idea. I live in Europe, the Netherlands.




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