I haven't met or heard of many republican atheists, so I'm wondering if any of you are. (I'm neither, but I'm more of a Dem. than a Rep.) There seems be quite a lot of republicans in this "bible belt" so, I'm pretty sure the two go hand in hand..? Seems to me that the stereotypical (and real) republican would go along with the characteristics of a theist, especially the ones down here.

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I know a Libertarian Atheist or two. Don't think I know any Republican ones.

But I know Republicanism is can present Northern Catholics.
I was republican until about 3 years ago. I was atheist (but didn't yet realize it) when I was about 12.

For a while I thought I was libertarian, until I realized that although I like the idea of fiscal conservatism, I don't agree with not funding basic social programs like police, fire, education, etc.

I was leaning back towards conservatism, but it became obvious that republicans didn't want me because I was educated and atheist. I used to watch Beck, Hannity, Dobbs, and kept on rolling my eyes at some of the stuff they said. It took me a while to realize that I was actually liberal. It's funny because I had been brainwashed into thinking liberals were these terrible hippies with no clue about how the real world works. This left me feeling like I didn't belong to any group and no one else had the outlook I did. I have since found that my moderate viewpoint is probably the most common, although you wouldn't know it listening to the news.

So now, although my political views are constantly evolving, I've officially switched sides.

Love it!  Then it can happen!  A republican turned liberal!  I'm liberal and proud of it. I don't say I am a democrat. More of a progressive liberal hoping for big changes in the transparency of the government. I'm hoping for new laws to keep corporations from running the country and hopefully when more atheists get involved we will have more intelligent supreme court justices not making their decisions on their religious beliefs. I am getting more and more aggressive on my Facebook page,  where many of my religious friends and family congregate.  So far, none have unfriended me, but I have yet to be asked any questions about my stand on atheism or my politics.  They seem to ignore me, but I am hoping that I can get to at least one. So if anyone wants to friend me, the more the merrier.  Just check out Jean Newman Hopper @FB 

Yeah, the Triangle meetup.com group is mostly Democrats, but we've got a slight Libertarian infestation problem. :-D They tend to hijack the message board a bit.

Quite simply, most atheists aren't socially conservative. Most socially conservative stances are the result of fundamentalist Christianity, in western countries.

Atheists are sometimes fiscally conservative, which can move them towards Libertarianism. That's about the closest we tend to have to full on conservatives. The Republican party was taken over by religious fundamentalists, back sometime in the 80's. That's caused a bit of a problem for atheists.
I thought so. I began to wonder if there were any atheist republicans. I guess it hold true, then, my assumption that republicans and the uneducated (mostly) are one.
Republicans seem to be more ... emotionally driven. That doesn't sit well with atheists, who generally take logic over emotion. Republicans are more mindlessly authoritarian, and they like to hearken back to the good old days of ... say the 50's. What I remember from history class is that the 1950's involved racial segregation, McCarthyism, and the whitewashing of the image of American society, covering up all of our social ills, where they could fester. Personally, I'm much more of a fan of our current society, bringing things out into the open, where they can be dealt with.

I watch Fox News sometimes, just to see what the other side is talking about. I don't watch it very often, because I can only take so much. It's just terrifying to think that some people get their news from only Fox.

And yeah, if you follow the basic percentages, it makes sense. Atheists are more intelligent and more educated than theists, on average. Liberals are more intelligent and more educated than conservatives, on average. Therefore ... well, you can see where I'm going. Even without the religious influence on the Republican party, you'd get far more Democratic atheists.
Then I am sad there are so many many republicans. They seem to be gaining notice these days, from what I can tell. Granted, I only watch the news when it is on in the morning when my grandparents are watching it. Thankfully they are smart people, and they do not only watch fox.

I agree with our society now, as you said. Though of course, I would give anything to live in the 1800's Buuut, that's just me =] (Not for the negatives of the society then, though)

I tend to follow my emotions equally as I follow logic, but I do understand what you're saying.
Though of course, I would give anything to live in the 1800's

Alright woman, give me back that vote! :-D
Yes, yes, I know. Regardless, men had more worth (to me and women in general) because they were smart and respectful. Women were beautiful because they valued themselves and wore amazing apparel... =]
Yeah, there was some great clothing, but you have to pick and choose a little. Anything with whalebone corsetry is a bit of an issue, for me. A girl being comfortable is far sexier than anything like that. I'm also not a big fan of makeup. I prefer a fresh-faced, well-taken-care-of look.

And, I dunno, there were bits of the old manners that were good and bits that were bad. We get a bit of a sterilized version, in fiction of the time period and in historical fiction. Even that version includes some things such as stomping down on your lessers, to keep them in their place within the social structure. Same as the clothing, you need to cherry pick a bit to get the good stuff.
They didn't wear cakey make-up int eh 1800's. That was the 1700's and really only in the whore scene and on stage (which is similar x]. They preferred the natural look in the 19th century with maybe a bit of rouge or powder to highlight occasionally.
The corsetry was not entirely harsh. Most of them were comfortable, except for the earlier ones. The entire hundred years wasn't like that, either. I like both styles, but the later style more, which is what you are talking about.
People now are so unappealing in the way they dressed, as if they stepped out in their nightclothes. T-shirt and jeans; honestly? How boring can you get? Jeans are just ugly on girls and pretty distasteful. You can basically tell exactly what she looks like waist down just in a jean colour, not her skin colour. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans.. so boring and very lazy. If you think about it, people are pretty much wearing dish rags and towel wrapped around and dyed. Hardly any jewelry besides evening events, hardly any interesting hairstyles, thinner and thinner dress lines, shorter and shorter skirts and shorts. Boring men's clothing. Plain coloured everything. It's all just so ugly. Now, the word formal relates to that once in three months event or outing that you have to look good for. Why can't people look good every day? It doesn't take that much effort, add 5 to 10 minutes a day to get SOMETHING done.
Most things now, even art and music, are quick and simple. There is less and less beauty.

When people misbehave they should be put in their place. Surely it is a mean thing to do when you take it too far, but it's not like anything has changed since then, just the way it's done.
Yeah, I can see the stage makeup thing. You have to severely overdo everything to make the effects visible from a long distance away. And yeah, styles change massively, over the course of 100 years. The part of it that you like could be the less severe version. We can both pick and choose pieces to prove our point. I'll give you that.

But hey, wait, you started the general statements spanning a century, so it's your fault. :-P

And hey, dish rags are comfortable. :-D I'm partial to black or brown khakies and a polo shirt, myself. I'll probably add in a jacket, on stage. I really like the look Pat Condell has on the cover of his book: http://www.amazon.com/Godless-Free-Pat-Condell/dp/1445223155/ref=sr...

Alas, I'm a bit more limited in jewelry choices. I have my left ear pierced, twice in the lobe and once in the cartilage, up at the top. I rarely wear earrings, though.




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