Call to Arms!

Dear fellow Tarheel Heathens.

I live on the Outer Banks. Westboro Baptist Church is planning to pay our little hamlet a visit:

I intend to take my children there to see the spectacle. I'll gladly join any counter-protest. If any of you are interested in coming to see the spectacle and showing your support, let me know. I could host a couple of people in my house - though I still have to run that by the wife...


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I would propose you do what a Vassar alumnus did when the WBC paid their campus a visit: crowd-source a drive to raise a given amount of money for a secular charity for ever hour / minute / whatever the WBC is on site.  By the time the Vassar drive was done, they raised Over $100,000!!!

Shoot, you could even send Ms. Phelps-Roper a little thank-you note afterward, appreciating her inspiration in helping to draw such an amount!  Sometimes revenge is a dish that is best served in Cold Hard Cash!

In an interview with the Sentinel, Phelps-Roper cited several reasons for targeting First Flight High School. Noting the school’s location in Kill Devil Hills, she said, “you can’t beat the name of that.” But adding that First Flight had a Gay Straight Alliance, she declared that “clearly they’re not resisting the devil. They’re in bed with the devil.”

At the same time, the school’s address—on Veterans Drive—attracted the church’s attention because, Phelps-Roper says, U.S. military personnel ignore the commandment “thou shalt not kill.” Phelps-Roper also said First Flight really “stand representative” of many high schools in the country.

Christ, that's vapid, even for reasoning that most religious groups have.  How many schools are there, in any town of more than 50,000 people, which don't have a gay-straight alliance?

I'll check with my handful of gay friends to see if there's a counter protest brewing... I just want to see the circus. 




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