Science itself is neither good nor evil.  Science is a kind of tool such as a knife or car. If a knife is used by a doctor, it can save the life of a patient. If a knife is used by a criminal, it can kill a person. Science is value-neutral.  So religionists argue that scientists have nothing to do with morality or ethics. But not totally so. After all, scientists have worked for the betterment of human lives. Science has given far more bread, butter, meat, clothes, shelter, medicine, etc. to humans than God or religions have.  The discovery of antibiotics or other technologies have saved far more human lives than priests have. A drop of vaccine can save the life of a dying patient better than a thousand prayers can. Science has driven out demons more effectively than all the prophets and sons of God have put together.  What priests had identified with demons turned out to be disease germs, malnutrition, mental or emotional problems, genetic problems, etc.


            Jesus taught that anything would be given if one asks of God (Matthew 21: 22). But what modern people receive are mostly from science rather than God or Jesus.  Yet, religionists call science “dangerous thing” or the “the tools of the devil” because scientific knowledge estranges humanity from God. Religionists blame scientists for making wars.  It is true that scientists have developed various man-killing machines or bombs. But scientists are not the main culprit of war-making. Those who really make wars are religionists or political dictators who coerce or indoctrinate scientists to make war machines and bombs. Throughout history, the most important jobs of religious leaders or political dictators was to conquer and destroy the people or nations of different religions or different philosophies. Priests or dictators brainwash and mobilize scientists to invent war machines and bombs. 


            It is also true that many scientists under the guidance of good political leaders have helped save many people from wars. For example, American scientists invented powerful war machines and bombs that had a major role in ending two big world wars—WWI and WWII.  Many religionists hate atomic bombs dropped on Japan in WWII.  But were it not for those bombs, far more Japanese people and American people might have died in the prolonged war.  Missiles, nuclear bombs, guns, tanks, etc. are of course dangerous things. But these do not kill people of their own accord.  Those who are dying to use these killing machines are religious leaders or dictators who claim themselves as the servants of God or the liberators.


            Religionists tend to regard science or scientists as the enemy of God because many (or most) scientists do not believe in religion or God.  If religionists know that scientists have saved human lives far better than prayers have and that science have made people far more happier than churches have, religionists have to thank scientists more than God.  All the convenient and effective appliances such as telephones, microphones, videos, transportation means, buildings, etc. are the works of science. 


            If religionists want to be true children of their god, they should not resort to modern science or medicine. Modern medicine is the product of science—the  enemy of God. But strangely enough, religionists use modern science or medicine for the benefit of their religion.  If a doctor cures a patient using modern medicine, religionists conclude that God (or Jesus or Allah or Buddha) has saved the patient.  Similar things happen in North Korea.  If a North Korean doctor cures a patient (the quality of medical service in North Korea is terrible), the patient and his/her families bow deeply to the portraits of Kim Il-sung and his son on the wall saying, “Thank you, Father Kim Il-Sung!”  Kim Il-Sung is God of the North Korean people.


            Religionists might blame scientists or industries for environmental pollution. It is true that science is responsible for various kinds of environmental pollution. So far scientists and industries have been busy feeding a large population. What or who is the cause of the large population?  It is God, according to religious belief. (All humans came to this world according to the will or plan of God.) But scientists realized pollution problems and try hard to solve such problems. Pollution problems and population problems will be better solved by science, not by religion or god. Scientists do not preach about morality. But science save far more people than religions do. What that saves man is reason and science. Religions destroy man and truth.


           (This article is from Two kinds of Gods <not yet published/> by the author.) 

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