I'm sure everyone has to address this question at some point.

So tell me, why are you an atheist?

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I'm an atheist because I discovered the bible is truly "A book of Jewish fairytales". I've educated myself through reading and watching movies regarding the origins of god and Christianity. Common sense and rational thinking took over and here I am. It's truly surreal to think I actually believed in the sky fairy. How ridiculous and small minded I was.
Well, they say the quickest way to convert a Christian to atheism is to have them REALLY read the bible. That was the start. I just kept on reading, learning about all the religions, studying ancient history, and then realizing that in this day and age - our so-called advanced society was still praying to the Sun God, etc. I just find it all so ridiculous. The cherry on top though is how some of the most malignant people I know hold that religion up like a badge to flash. Yuck. I'm just amazed at how many sheeple still walk around trying to force this ignorance on others.
actually, reading the bible is fun... its a great story book. informing them that this ancient book is crazy is definitly a fight starter.
http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/ < so much fun
never questioned much when I was real young. Read the bible with my mom a tad, I even had this bible collection for kids. still do, my oldest son just got them from my mom.
Then my great-grandma passed away... and I lost it. I hated god, cursed him as loud as I could at the viewing in front of everyone. I just lost it, faith, love, respect... just went black.

As I grew up with horror films I knew that there was satanism, voodoo, all that jazz. So I went looking.
As I read, I still didn't get it. Satanism was the only thing... you are your own god, you make your life, you live your life. so on so forth. As a preteen I felt rejected from life, like I "knew" god hated me. So I hated it more and more. As a teen I just quit caring at all. Nothing made sense, nothing was worth believing in.

I kept reading though, because I enjoy knowing... and I teeter back and forth on subject but I felt it was important to defend my more agnostic views to my mom, whom is a evangelical, and just simply say I am atheist. Though it has caused more harm then it should of I still stand up to her and her WAY OUT belief in god and the bible.

Today I don’t hate the idea of a god, I hate the teaching, the beliefs, and those blind a**holes who make living a open atheist a nightmare. (I love religious symbols, good and bad, and have tattoos which I won’t cover)
I grew up in a thoroughly Christian family and I never really understood the reason for going to church. I never got anything out of it and dislike going, but I was forced to, literally. Because of this "torture" I decided to leave my parent's house when I turned 18.

I moved in with a close friend and paid his mother rent. I learned how to become more open-minded from this friend as I endured the constant bombardment of his weird, obscure and often obscene ideas. He was very opinionated about his ideas and would always want to know how others felt about them (multiple times per day). Many of these ideas were sick and twisted (satanic, dealing with death, etc). Well I learned that it is good to question anything that doesn't make sense, as I often had to question him and bring him back to reality. Overall, it was a great learning experience and along the way I struggled with the ideas of religion until one day deciding that I shouldn't support something that doesn't make sense. The end result is that I now have the confidence to make my own judgments about life using intelligence and reason. Oh, and my friend is not as sick and twisted as he used to be either.
Interesting comment Muhammad.

What exactly do you mean by "the spirit of our age"? If atheism truely is the spirit of our age than why are there so few of us?
I was a sickly little kid who was continually suspected as being gay. Both me and my brother went to Catholic school a lot 'cuz we would be harassed in public schools. Our dad told that HE also had been badly harassed as a young fellow because he was thought of as being gay. At that time he was a colonel in the military & had sired 4 kids & was a WW-2 combat veteran with a MS degree. he said he had never weighed over 140 pounds until he passed age forty. At age 19 in the military I met a draftee engineer who said one day that all religion is a scam & is pure nonsense. He was a top flight technician in his field & was an aerospace engineer before being drafted at almost 26. At age 37 I was going through a rough spell & was heavily suspected as being a gay - but I wasn't. I could have fathered a kid to help out my situation, but both my wife & I were such skinny people that if she had a BOY (which she had from an earlier marriage) that poor kid would have been so emaciated he'd certainly be defined as a gay by the vast number of morons in society. My marriage dissolved and I began doing some heavy duty thinking. Then I finally realized that G.I. who told us religion is 100 percent nonsense was indeed correct! It was hard to believe that so many religious people could be so badly wrong - and that this problem (religious belief) had existed for SO many centuries. ALL of the religious teachings are utter stupid nonsense, guesswork and only wishful thinking. Humans are only animals - nothing more.
Recently it was realized by me that the U.S. IS being affected *terribly* by the Super-Religious goofs we have here. It finally was learned there is a very high degree of stupidity in the political world, as well as in the religion realm. Fellows at a factory where I'd been working in the Bible Belt wanted, in 2004, to re-elect GWB just because he was a fundamentalist! Hell - it did not require a genius to see that Al Gore was far better qualified than GWB to be president. Also the Harvard economics professor who taught GWB gave an scathing interview to the press before the 200o elections - telling that the Texas goof (bad boy) was very dishonest and UNFIT to be the president! But the fundos at our factory wanted a real Godly fundo for president! Presumably they imagined (they don't really *think*) GWB would please Gawd & therefore he would call down His blessings on this nation. OH SURE! As a result, the Rethuglican GWB then 'killed' a massive amount of federal oversight, which surely helped the banking, investment & insurance racketeers to *screw* the whole world of TRILLIONS of dollars. Thanks SO much to the approx. 35 million fundo folks who had brainlessly voted for such an addled egomaniac for POTUS. Thanks, too, should also go to the fundamentalist crooks who had cheated in the Ohio 2004 election - that GAVE the While House to the same crap-head for 4 more crappy years. It's funny to read lately in the yellow press (Globe or Star?) that the so "Godly" GWB may have got into Big Trouble with Laura for "dating" his Secretary of State!
I had an Ah-ha moment in church at age 16. I was praying for something and I just suddenly felt stupid. I looked around this place that I had been worshiping in all my school years and everything looked silly. It was a combination of feeling like an outsider, of learning about other faiths, about learning science and critical thinking, and becoming aware of the history of the Christian faith. I think that once you become scientifically literate, you can not be a believer in any faith based creed. I was influenced heavily by my German professor in college who could articulate my ideas much better than I could. I now read modern writers such as Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins who are my current articulate influences.


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