It's no wonder Ohio is so conserative, I was searching christian sites and found this
Anyone here know anything about these morons???

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These folks are dangerous to our civil rights. They claim to be pro-freedom and pro-constitution, yet they try at every turn to deny our hard fought rights.
Hi Kitty, Thanks for the reply!! I found that site yesterday and I was very surprised that such lobbying by christian groups was going on in Ohio. I knew they do this in mega-churches in the south... but Ohio, WOW!!!! Then again, maybe I shouldn't be surprised at all. LOL
I'd tried to check out that site (above) but no joy. Maybe the link is broken or else we have some other problem here (?) Info I've read states that in 2004 the Secy. Of State for Ohio - said to be a fundamentalist black millionaire - had done a great job of rigging the 2004 presidential election. In 2004 the state of Ohio "went" for Bush-hole - or at least that's what the official election result was. It's been said the voting machines which "our" Secretary Of State directed to be installed in the highly Democrat areas in the Cleveland vicinity were ones that performed very badly. So in many Democrat areas the voters had to wait for as long as SEVEN hours to cast their votes! Many of them had got tired and went home. Also claims were made by some - after that 2004 election - that some folks at the Diebold Corp. (which built & *serviced* those machines) apparently had "rigged" the machines in a way that helped GWB get more votes than were actually cast. The result of the 2004 election was Ohio "went for Bush" in what many have claimed was a grossly rigged election. That Ohio result "gave" GWB the U.S. presidency to GWB again in 2004! Then we had to endure 4 more years of the Fed. gummint being under the control of a quite screwed-up FUNDAMENTALIST from Tex-ass - - whose main agenda appeared to be funneling more cash and benefits to his wealthy elite buddies. Meanwhile the robber baron banking, investing and insurance industry has been going bankrupt and taking the rest of us "Mericans with them. Maybe we should also mention that the warlet in Iraq and Afghanistan has probably cost the U.S. $Three Trillion. which is money we DON'T even have. Thank you so freaking much Rethuglicans - for giving us eight years of Bush-The-Terrible.

Later, that same (now ex) Secy. of State for Ohio made a bid to be chosen as chairman for the Republican party, but did not get it. When the new Demo. Secy. of State got into office after the 2008 election, she had to completely CHANGE from Ohio using the former Diebold voting machine which were damn near NEW. The Rethuglicans had raised a big stink about her "squandering" approx. (?) $40 million to have all those "riggable" machines be replaced by ones made by a different company.
Here's a link to a video that covers their history and ignorance. HERE


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