Hello, my name is Jason..
I would like to get a few Ohio Atheist to help me set up a summer 2012 get together. Maybe at PIB, or Cedar Point, or at a beach. I have a 23' SeaRay cabin cruiser if some people want to just have a little fun out in Lake Erie, as long as I get some help on the gas ;). or just if anyone want's to have a big meet and greet, at a restaurant in a central location. Any suggestions would be great! I would like to meet some fellow Atheist that I can have an intelligent, logical conversation's with.    

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I'm intrigued, Jason.  Depending on when, my wife and I might be interested.  Stay in touch and let us know how things develop.

Will do. My wife and I have been looking for a Atheist meet up group, and can't seem to find one in Ohio that is not 4 hours away ;) So we came up with trying to start our own. Hope that this takes off. Maybe even turn it into a yearly event, for all Atheist and their families to enjoy, with guest speakers, live music, and food, lots of food! :P That would be great.

I'm in Cleveland, and it seems to me that there is a Center For Inquiry branch either in or near Cleveland.  Point on the curve.

How could I not have found that. lol I'm going to research this site for a min, then I'll get back to you. Thanks! Maybe I can get this sponsored. :)

Hi Jason,

I coordinate the Humanist Community of Central Ohio. We do a yearly summer picnic, but your idea has merit. Keep me in the loop, this idea has potential.


Coordinator, HCCO


I'm going to do a little brain storming, then I'll be throwing out some ideas. I would like to get as many people together on this as possible. So if you have any ideas to contribute, feel free to have some fun with it. :)

I live in Columbus and there is an atheist group in Columbus that formed on meetup.com. I sometimes attend their meetings, which are at various bar restaurants, when I'm not too busy or don't have class. In the unlikely event I meet a woman I don't want my future kid to be brainwashed into a religion, although my parents told me not to mention this until I have known a woman for a long time. I am in graduate school and this summer I will have one last class and I also work in retail so I might not have time to drive very far from Columbus but your idea sounds interesting anyway. 

There is an Atheist group that regularly meets up called the Cleveland Freethinkers. Check them out on Meetup.com.

Sounds like an excellent idea!

I'm near Dayton (actually, in a rural locale about halfway between Cincinnati and Columbus, but Dayton is the local "metro" area).  Lately I have become active in the Meetup scene, which in Dayton is surprisingly robust, for a city of its small size.  There is an alternative-thinkers group of sorts, as far as I can discern, but I have not contacted them yet.  A social gathering on Lake Erie would be tremendously entertaining - certainly worth the price of gas!

New to this site (hey, this is my first post!).  I'm near Akron and would be intersted!

This is my first post.  I'm in Toledo, and the Toledo-area groups just had their picnic a few weeks ago, but the Mid-Ohio Atheists group is doing a picnic on July 15th.  A lot of groups over Ohio will be attending; we already have a carpool started for the Toledo area to go down there.  If anyone is interested, check it out. http://midohioatheists.org/?p=1852 

It's almost October.  Hey, how did the meet and greet turn out?  I'm from Canton, Ohio.  Just join Atheist Nexus and I'm looking to join groups in the area.  Any ideas?





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