Hi folks. I was born in Newark, and generally raised in the area. Anybody else from Newark, or Licking County here?

I had forgotten how religious people from my hometown were until people from my high school class, or who had seen my profile on Classmates.com, started to contact me.

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Hey, glad to have another Ohioian on here. I'm from Tuscarawas County, so I can totally relate with you on the religious hometown folk.
Thanks for the welcome. I'd probably count more as a former Ohioan than a current Ohioan, as I've been outside of Ohio now longer than I lived there.

Have you moved away from Tuscarawas County?
No, I moved here in '84 and have been here since. I soooo badly want to move, but my husband and I have 2 small children and I think it would devastate the grandparents if we left.
More than likely it would devastate the grandparents if you left. It's why my mother never moved us to a place that would have been better for our health.

Hopefully you can connect with other people who live nearby.
Wow, you survived Nerk! I grew up there, and still have relatives there. My immediate family all live in the Columbus area now.

So glad to hear there's a group at the OSU-N campus!

It's a very religious area

That's an understatment!
Is this group still around? I remember seeing signs up around campus in the fall but don't see any more this quarter.

I am taking classes at OSU-N and interested in finding a group of similar-minded individuals to discuss things in. I'm still in the closet (so to speak) and want to talk things out with other atheists before talking to my parents about it.
Did you find out anything? Even though I don't live in the area, I'm invested in seeing people who live there find non-theist community.
Falene, I'm glad to hear you have a group (even if it's a small one) at OSU-N. I think it's a good thing for like-minded people to be able to get together and talk, especially when you're in the minority - helps to know you're not rowing the boat alone.
I currently live in Newark. I am also trying to find people to hang out with.
What is your name? Where exactly do you live?
I don't live in Newark, but a few people who do have replied to my post. Hope you can make contact with them.
Hello I live in Newark and have lived here most of my life. I've just joined Atheist Nexus looking for people with similar beliefs in my area.
Hey, what part of town do you live in? I'm near the Cedar Hill Cemetery. you should exchange emails so we can chat.



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