So, what's your bag? Do you have a favorite horror type (supernatural, slasher, etc?)? Favorite character? Tell us (me) more about your particular tastes, and maybe even why you think you dig on horror?

Confessing why one likes horror is almost as bad as making your atheist confession--society overall still looks at you like you're a scumbag. :) have at it!

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I loved that movie. Hugh Grant's finest!! Heh. Very sacrilegious like 'Sirens.' And liked the song too.
Horror is awesome! I prefer supernatural/scifi (although that is not always very horrorish (I like to make up my own words btw); but I like the sick, twisted horror movies that make you feel like you need to shower afterwards. They just make you feel dirty, and mental. I think it makes you feel better about your own life. I also think for one to dig horror, one has to be okay with death...(obviously just a matter of opinion there!)

I had a friend (okay he was my son's father) who got shot in the face with a 12-gauge shotgun, so scenes like that of The Hills have Eyes really get to me. But I can enjoy it at the same time. In a sick and twisted way.

Strange as it may seem, I think my favourite horror movie is Night of the Living Dead (old school) soon as you think the guys gonna make it...damn if he aint shot in the head! And after all that hard ass work! Kinda like that guy in Cabin Fever who thinks he makes it only to be shot...too bad.
When I was a kid I remember going on a camping trip with my older brother's boy scout troop. My father was in charge of that trip and it would have normally been his weekend with us so I managed to tag along. I managed to get my hands of one of the older kids' Fangoria magazine and over the coarse of the next few days my love of horror was born. I wasn't permitted to watch horror movies at that age so I had to settle for magazines whenever we went into a book store. On one occasion I remember getting my grubby little hands on a book about the Hellraiser movies one time when my parents let me go with my brother to the local comic shop.

Once I was a preteen some of the other girls' parents let us rent horror movies for birthday parties and sleep overs. Goosebumps and R.L. Stein books were popular with us at first but by the time 7th grade came around we were all reading Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite. I read a couple Brian Lumley books around that time, but I wound up reverting to Sci-Fi and Fantasy for the most part.

Once I started high school I started watching horror for the camp factor. Dead Alive, Leprecaun, and Fright Night were amoung my favorites because they made me laugh.

I'm a huge fan of the Hellraiser series. Sure some of it is pretty funny, but the cenobites are some of my favorite all time creatures. Pinhead would have to be my favorite, but that's more for the church scene in the third one then anything else. I always liked the first female cenobite the most as far as concept goes. Did anyone else read the comics?
I love horror, I blame and thank my mother who was born on Halloween for planting that seed in my head. Ever since I can remember I've been watching horror movies. My first would be my mothers favorite which was the original Halloween, I was sold after that and I must have been around 7 years old haha. I'm a big nightmare on elm street fan and am in LOVE with Heather Langenkamp who plays Nancy in part 1, 3 and New Nightmare. I even have the NOES 1 Poster with her on it tattooed on my arm. Met her a few times confessing my love , the joys of horror conventions.

Also a HUGE fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 and have a tat of Chop Top on my other arm. Bill Moseley licked my arm back in 2003 when I showed it to him, he actually talked about that in a special features dvd, pretty cool love that guy! I remember walking up to his table at the convention and it was empty like nobody knew who he was because this was before house of 1000 corpses and devils rejects came out. He was so excited that we even came up to his table and he freaked out when I showed him my tattoo. He such a cool guy .

There my confession is done.
Nightmare was awesome, I just wish the never even thought about mixing it with something else. Freddy meets jason was horrible. IMHO.

I have to say thats pretty cool about the tat. gross, but awesome!
Great list of movies. I still need to see flight of the dead tho.
I have been a Horror film fan for as long as I can remember. I think it was my dad that introduced this to me. I have fond memories of him taking me to see a movie, about a meteor that crashes to earth, and there were these coconut looking balls that when cracked open a tarantula crawled out. They grew and grew and pretty soon there were giant tarantulas all over! I was not only hooked to horror flicks....but spiders as well. Hee hee. I think the movie was called Giant Spider Invasion =) Pretty bad movie by todays standards....but as a kid I thought it was AWESOME!!
Emma, the move Giant Spider Invasion has been brilliantly mocked by the Mystery Science Theater 3000 guys. You can even rent it on Netflix. It's as cheesey as you suspect, but you'll laugh yourself silly reliving the experience.
I got into horror really young. First movie I can remember was Killer Klowns from outer space. Great movie!
Then hellraiser, Friday the 13th (the series ((Tv show)), Nightmare on elm st, Halloween, IT, Pet Cemetery, Puppetmaster, Pumkinhead, Omen, Poltergist... hell any horror from the 80's I tried at least once. I just filled my head with any and all scary stuff; this was all during my 5-9yrs. Still nothing could top Hellraiser. It helped fill my head with so many things.

Why I dig horror? Cause its evil, its something so primal so violent, so pretty. It’s really that easy for me.
Fave Character? Definitely Pinhead from Hellraiser... so evil... so sinister. Then Pennywise from IT. (But wasn't that a horrible ending?!)

Being a horror freak has gotten me into a lot issues with work and random people. I collect skulls, even have 5 at work, and its gotten me some looks. Hell people act like they're scared of me. Why?
Eh, I love horror, always will. Except today’s movies are just failing my expectations.
I prefer psychological thrillers the most as it makes you think, hopefully. Supernatural elements are fine. I just really dislike the current trends with gore for the sake of the gore movies, like Saw et al. I really dislike slashers.

With that said, I got nothing against gore, but it should be done in an artistic way, not for the sake of the gross out factor.



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