For those of you who have seen the movie... what is your interpretation of the ending?

I have heard several... but would like to hear some more atheist perspectives if possible.


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I've not seen it or heard of it. Is this post a recommendation, by chance?
It is a pretty graphic movie, but if you think you can handle it, I would definitely recommend it :)

There is a "cultish/religious" element to this movie (as you can probably tell by the title), and the director is a self-described "agnostic". It has sort of a twist ending that stays with you for a while... not in a graphic sense, but in a "makes you think" kind of sense.

It is also a french movie with english subtitles. France has been putting out some real doozies in recent years (e.g. High Tension, Martyrs, Inside, Frontier(s) ).
I can handle graphic as long as it doesn't involve children or animals. The library only has High Tension, which I just requested. I'll try to find the other ones on Inter-Library Loan. Thanks.
Hmm, actually, the main plot of the movie is a revenge story carried out by a girl and her friend who were abused as children. The actual abuse is not graphically depicted, in fact, the movie starts off 15 years later, and the abuse is only referenced in the film, but the idea of it is still disturbing none-the-less.

not sure if this turns you off watching or not, but is worth it in my opinion.
I requested all you mentiond on ILL. Thanks.
Cool. No one has responded to my original question regarding the ending of martyrs... maybe after you watch it, you could be the first? :)

That is one of the popular explainations, but I always wondered.... If you knew, without a doubt, that there was nothing.... why would you kill yourself? Wouldn't you want to maximize your time on earth and live as long as you could, since you know for sure that's all there is?

Or did she just kill herself because she realized that she basically wasted her entire life searching for this answer for nothing?
I got Hight Tension in from the library, only to realize I had already seen that. I wasn't wild about it. I can't get Martyrs (not avail), and I watched Inside last night. Wasn't overwhelmed about it -- but mainly that had to do with the subject matter. But wow!, what an incredibly violent movie. Frontier(s) has been in my library queue for a couple of weeks, but still not shown up -- so it is probably lost in limbo somewhere.
I own the uncut dvd and I have only watched it twice. Need to pull it out and check into it again. I felt the ending was


That there was no life after death and the lady killed herself in remorse for all the evil things that she was involved in with the cult.

Bad things happen to everyone.


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