Post your latest Netflix Horror Reviews here! 

(1) One - Two - Three- Four or Five Starts?

(2) Put in Queue for rainy day or watch ASAP?

(3) Type of horror - slasher, B-horror, classic, thriller, mystery, graphic Asian horror movie, etc.

(4) Review - Director, stars, plot, graphics, etc.

(5) Available on CD only or Streaming?

Let the reviews begin!

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First Review - Twixt


(1) I give it 3.5 stars

(2) Queue

(3) Thriller

(4) Francis Ford Coppola with Val Kilmer

(5) Streaming

(6) Val Kilmer stars as a has-been crime writer. He has written his "last" book about a serial killing in a small, quiet town. He goes to the town on a signing tour. He is met with suspicion and overall resentment for bringing publicity to the area. The Sheriff, however shows interest in him - the Sheriff says the killings have continued and wants to partner in "another book". The Sheriff convinces Val Kilmer to investigate the killings. As they look into the killings, a strange girl appears and calls herself "V" - seemingly to help Val Kilmer investigate and find the is somewhat predictable from there, but the graphics are good and it is spooky. Good acting.  




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