Has anyone seen this? It will never play here in greenville, ms and I'd like to hear from anyone who's seen it. Peace!!

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Only seen the trailer. It looks bad, but wierd.
I saw part of it. It was one of the most disturbing ideas I'd ever come across. Disturbing, but I didn't say it wasn't interesting! I have to at least hear about how it ends.
Self Know.......I read about this movie at BloodyDisgusting.com about a mmonth ago and its in my Netflix queue. I keep pushing it down the list because I want to see it but have some trepidation because they said it was the most disturbing/disgusting/sicko movie ever made. Just one man's opinion but that sticks in the back of my mind. This Doctor somehow links people with the heads/derriere mutation. The "thing" then crawls on all fours. I don't know how many human segments there are and I am getting a little uptight just typing this.

How did everyone like Midnight Meat Train. I LOVED IT....and I am NOT that into slasher movies.

Also, How did everyone like Baby Momma? I was knocked out by the performance of the mother. Whoever she is she should be starrig in more mainline flicks. What maybe scared me the most about this movie was how completely believable it is and that this stuff happens all too frequently. I couldn't believe the ending until someone at work reminded my that some of the dads in this situation actually stick by their wives afterwards. Incredible but true.
I got to view The Human Centipede. I liked it. They don't go for gross out. Even though parts of the movie are a little disturbing. The Human Centipede will be released soon on DVD and Blu-ray.
I'm still waiting to see it, though I'll admit that I had an issue eating subway sandwiches for a few days after the preview....especially the veggie patty.




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