This Halloween a new show will be premiering on AMC.  The Walking Dead is based on a graphic novel series, which I have read most of, and should be very good.  This should be all about character development... and zombies.  Awesome!


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I don't have TV, so I can't watch this, but I am about to start book four of the graphic novel. But to be honest, I'm about over it anyhow. The people are pretty obnoxious, and it is the same formula played out over and over again = things are bad, someone dies, things are okay, people share their emotions, some people have sex, then a suprise zombie attack, someone dies, people fight, start over from the beginning, etc.

The animated series looks pretty cool though.

The producer is going to do some additional story and character development. One of the things they are supposed to do is branch out some of the sub plots into alternate story lines.
I saw the first episode two weeks back, and I liked it. I'm looking forward to seeing the 2nd episode (on demand).
Great show! I would encourage any Horror, especially Zombie movie fans, to check this one out! If you dont have cable, see about Hulu or other sites which may carry it.
I've read the graphic novels and watched the TV show.  The TV show stays pretty close to the comic book, however, it does add in more plot and stretch out the characters and relationships.  Overall, I enjoyed it.  I am wondering when the next season will start.  It's been a long time since season one aired.


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