Returns Oct. 16th

The Trailer for Season 2:


“The Walking Dead” begins its second season at 9 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 16, on AMC.

The date was announced today at Comic-Con in San Diego. AMC also shared a four-minute trailer of the new season.

The drama, one of last season’s best newcomers, depicts a zombie apocalypse in chilling, vivid terms. There will be 13 new episodes in the second season.

Charlie Collier, AMC’s president, said in a release: “When we last left the cast of ‘The Walking Dead,’ they were in the midst of a high-intensity struggle to survive. In season two, they are on the move and suffice it to say, things have not gotten any easier. We’re ecstatic to have more than twice the amount of episodes for the fans as we did in season one.”

AMC will use “The Walking Dead” to start the channel’s 15th annual Fearfest, which will run through Oct. 31.


I just love zombies -- movies, shows, comics, etc.

Anyone here a fan of the show? 

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I love zombies, and I love the show.  Can't wait.

Same here!
I enjoyed Season 1, and look forward to Season 2.
I don't have cable, so I've never seen it. I did get a chance to watch a portion of the pilot though. I also read about the first 6 books in the comic series.
I read all the comic books too - they still come out too - he is still writing them.
Cool - thanks!
October 16th is almost here! Time for zombies!

The Walking Dead returns tonight for the new season!


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