Well, as summer draws to an end, the nuts are begging to be picked. Ann Falling is running for Mayor of Tulsa and has priorities. She want's to save our community from gods displeasure.

Take a look at this Tulsa World article:http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/article.aspx?subjectid=262&artic...

Sounds good, huh?

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God damn it, I demand an intelligent falling exhibit at the science museum as well. Teach the "controversy"!!!
Well maybe we could make an intelligent exhibit with falling as a subject, but I doubt we could do so with Falling as a subject. That would be an oxymoron. But then so is she, without the "oxy".

As an aside, did you notice that articles last sentence? "the creation of the earth from a scientific worldview". We really need to improve our academic standards before we all become retards.
To say the very least. Do they have a factory somewhere that keeps pumping these nitwits out? They all sound the same and have the same sense of entitlement to slander reality, crudely patronize our patience, then make these outrageous assertions. We need duct tape and a straight jacket for this one.
This women is a nitwit albeit a dangerous one. I'm not from Tulsa so I don't know how she is doing in the race. Not only does she want the zoo to teach creationism, she also wants City Hall to train churches so they can be sent into schools, low-income housing areas, jails and neighborhoods. She is targeting the trapped. How is she planning to fund this? I hope not with federal funds. As a European, this kind of stuff just boggles my mind. Until I came to Oklahoma I didn't even know that there were people who questioned evolution and were eager to dumb down their countrymen with their fairytales.
I really think most of this behavior is a form of aggression and violence against our weakly developed culture. Like school yard bullies these xthians think they can force their will on a uncertain, adolescent nation. I envy European culture, not perfect but pragmatic and experienced. We have a ways to go and more growing pains, I hope we have the courage and insight to face this assailant and see the hidden agenda.
The saddest aspect of this is the reaction from moderate believers. They are rational and sensible about nearly everything else in life. Yet faced with the showdown of faithful dishonesty vs. materialist truth, their sympathies lie with Full-o'-shit Falling.

That was my parents' reaction to Expelled - sympathize with the theist, even if his pants are ablaze.
Ah, the infamous tuning fork syndrome. Even when they struggle to resist, the mind vibrates at a pre-programmed frequency. Whatever you do, don't put two separate inputs into both ears!

On a serious note, be patient with them for they might have unknown (to you) doubts. I did, and eventually it forced me into action.
Great idea! Out of the shadows and into the light of ridicule.

Jon Stewart has the right strategy. These nuts flourish in a vacuum, surrounded by their own echos (I know, I know, sound doesn't travel in a vacuum Steve. It's a metaphor).
LOL @ the Iran comment! Such as the former POTUS trying to convince Chirac to join his holy crusade against Gog and Magog aka Babylon aka "Sodom" Hussein? Even worse was my Mormon family's take on the Iraq war: it is gawd's way of opening up the Middle East for Mormon missionary work. WTF?!

I wish I would see more moderates being turned off by the straight lunacy, but I might as well by Waiting for Godot in Altus, OK. (I should have recorded the invocation offered before "Military Appreciation Night" at the rodeo this evening. Nothing like gawd-soaked fundamentalist patriotism!)
This could all be solved by letting them have their exhibit then you just have all the other religions sue them because their myths are not being represented. Giving the zoo a choice either show all of the creation myths or none. That might help remind the Christians that they are just another page in the book of human myths.


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