I want to hear from others what it's like being a Atheist or Freethinker here in the "buckle". Also, what are your thoughts about the future of freethought here in Oklahoma?

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I wish I could refute this but I'm not a magician.

And it gets worse. Without a significant refutation from others they feel emboldened, confident of their absurdity. And this fuels additional, greater absurdity. A self- reinforcing, ever widening circle of idiocy with exponential promise. Like a viral pandemic or wildfire in a dry season.
Yeah, it's hard to imagine the Republicans as the party of Lincoln, or Robert Ingersoll (!). I guess the magic isn't in the brush or paint. It's the Artist who matters.

"Ignorance is the soil in which belief in miracles grows"
Robert Green Ingersoll
Talk about a bizarre scenario. They go to paradise, and by leaving they release paradise. When's the date for this event? Soon I hope. (chanting) Rapture, rapture, rapture!
I love the comments I get when I tell them I'm an Atheist. My favorite is "but your such a good person..."
Ha! Yeah, been there. Some folks are actually very supportive and say they'll "pray for me".
Most of the people I hangout with and meet are not really mainstream. It seems like alot of the younger generation just gives lipservice to religion. Once you get into the older age groups its like night and day. They're not only religious but hardcore. I've also noticed the minorities here are super religious.

Have noticed these distinctions also, Patrick. The generation gap is particularly obvious here in Tulsa. Few (if any) younger folks care for the simplistic "believer/non-believer" division so popular with many older adults. They have a refreshingly nebulous faith and make accommodations for others. Also have noted the hyper-religiosity of many minorities, the worse experience I've had here in Tulsa was when I admitted to a black woman that I'm an Atheist. She was so angry I worried it would devolve into an altercation.

Yeah, anyone around here past thirty is pretty well set in cement where it concerns religion, that's for sure.


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