Khristy, my wife, and I moved to Omaha 2 years ago to allow me to finish school. We came from Long Beach, CA. Religion never played a role in our everyday lives there. When we moved back to NE, we felt as if we were being bombarded with religion. Sometimes it's nice to know that there are other sane people who are willing to think things through here. Gimme your story!


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I'm from just across the river, and I rarely feel that I'm under pressure to have any religious beliefs. My Grandma occasionally asks why I don't go to church, but my parents let me make my own decisions about religion when I became a teenager. I've had girlfriends in the past who began the relationship feigning acceptance of my atheist views, but later became uncomfortable with it. Ultimately, the subject of religion rarely comes up in conversation, and if it does no one seems to be bothered by my disbelief. From what I've seen Omaha (and Nebraska in general) seems to be much more in-your-face about religion. To be fair, I'm not one to notice what people think of me -- not that I'm egotistical, I'm just not good at assessing that sort of thing.
I grew up in Lincoln and I don't remember having a non-theist (mostly extreme theist) girlfriend until I got to college. I think part of the issue is I come across as a conservative 'nice guy' and that seemed to attract a certain type of christian. When I met my wife, I don't recall religion ever coming up.

I have always wondered if I had grown up on the west coast, where I would later move, if I would have dated the same types of religious clones. The more I think about how these girls were alike the more it freaks me out actually.

I guess this means that the only pressure I received was from the girls I intentionally dated... the more I type the more freaked out I get...

Any one else have any thoughts on this? I have often though that maybe I was trying to convince myself about god through my GFs, but that is probably over-thinking it, lol.




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