I'll start with one reason I'm an omnivore... because I accept my place in the food chain.

How about you?

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But, it is not just farming animals that is causing the problems; it is bad for the environment to do anything on a large scale, even farming spinach.

OH yeah... definitely!
For some reason, meat donuts just came to mind.

The other day, a friend of mine posted some meatloaf-cupcakes with mashed potato 'icing' and peas to decorate. I'm quite sure you could make mini meatloaf donuts and 'ice' them with gravy or tomato puree, etc...

Because I like meat. I like vegetables. I like fruit, and nuts, and fried skins. Oil, soggy bread, and ketchup?--Sounds like a fuckin' meal! More specifically and generally, 'tis because I just like food. Except bean paste--I've never had a bean paste that wasn't the most totalitarian, worthless "food" that's been in me.
I've never had a bean paste that wasn't the most totalitarian, worthless "food" that's been in me.

Jared, I like how I can depend on you to get to the meat of the matter right away.
I accept that nothing lives without taking the life of something else, whether it be animal or plant.
I've made three serious attempts at becoming a vegetarian. Each time I made myself sick. The last time I was careful to plan my meals so as to balance my diet. After about 9 months I became very sickly. I was always tired, covered in bruises, and having three severe headaches a week. My GI issue was also at its worst. I decided to revert to my old habits before signing up for a doctor's visit I couldn't afford. I felt better almost immediately.

I've come to terms with the fact that I am what I am. I'm convinced that my system can not handle a vegetarian diet. I wouldn't deny meat to my carnivorous pets, so I'm not going to deny a modest amount to my omnivorous self.
I've also tried. I never could get past a few weeks. Mainly, I go to someone's house and they serve meat, am I going to turn down my nose at ? (I never loudly declared being vegetarian, mainly b/c I felt I would probably not stick with it) Or my husband cooking some nice curry or tandoori or vindaloo. It won't save an animal's life if I don't eat it, and it often leads to wasting food, which is even worse. And compromising in that area makes it easier to compromise in other areas...

It makes more of a difference not buying animal products, but meat is in so many things. And if you have a cat or dog, you HAVE to feed them meat, which defeats the whole purpose.

Also, unfortunately, most restaurants don't have too many good vegetarian options. I know the vegetarians who ate cheese fries all the time.

It's difficult to be vegetarian without using a certain amount of soy. I don't swear off it, but soy is marketed as this healthy superfood when really it's bad for people with thyroid problems. If I eat too much soy I have that annoying sluggish but unable to sleep tiredness.
Oh yeah I know all about vegans. I go to my friends' vegan dinner parties every few weeks!
I was vegan for a while. It was incredibly difficult to eat out, eat at friends, eat with my family, etc... I also was probably getting close to anemic.
I was a vegan back in the mid-80s. I don't remember anything about fish extracts in beer, so maybe I wasn't a true vegan after all. Teh sad!
The same reason I'm an atheist; it's a default position away from which I have yet to be convinced.


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