I'll start with one reason I'm an omnivore... because I accept my place in the food chain.

How about you?

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Being raised a Catholic, I ate God as a child. It was an epiphany, and it gave a purpose to my life: I want to show these self-proclaimed apex predators who really rule this planet. Thus I made a pledge I'll eat a specimen from every apex species before I die.

Still need to swallow a tiger, a croc, a duck, a loan shark and an (ex-)President of the USA before this year ends to keep on schedule.
I was also raised Catholic. Looking back, religious cannibalism seems very strange.

An ex-president might be easier to come by than a loan shark. I hear Emperor Bush II is doing motivational speaking for $19. a head.
Slay 2 with a single stone my good sea tortoise fanatic... eat a "Crocoduck" and be sure to clean out that ex-prez good. ...his grandpa *Prescott Bush* was a real Nazi, as in actually in league with Adolf Hitler himself during WW2.

Look up "Nazi Money Found In New York Bank" or something similar, I'm not joking... that family hasn't changed 1 bit obviously.
Still keeping up with your schedule, Mr. Alpha Predator?
Aha! - we just killed Jaume and ATE him!

-- the Croc & Duck Underground Network --
Certainly, too much animal protein can cause gout, constipation, etc...
Heh. Wouldn't consuming mass quantities of nitrates and salts do the same thing?
Your might, depending on your orientation, want to date a butcher.
Heh. I've never met a butcher that doesn't.

I wonder if serial killers shower and clean under their nails? I suppose they'd have to.
I have heard that all things in moderation, including moderation is a sensible diet plan.
You sir, are a man who could easily travel the globe (with unlimited funds).
I feel the same way Gundgetta. Like the golden rule, if I say it is okay to do this that or whatever to someone/thing else I must also say it is okay to do the same to me. I have accepted the fact that I am mere food, as is everything else. It's the circle of life. I also agree with Delia when she said we probably eat too much for our or the planets good and that is one of the reasons I don't eat a lot of meat (not to mention my health). But, it is not just farming animals that is causing the problems; it is bad for the environment to do anything on a large scale, even farming spinach. That sounds sweeping but I think ya'll get what I'm trying to say.




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