Let us let go of the bickering and sling throwing.

Let us identify ourselves with an enlightened, caring group.

Let us find the real ‘how’ and ‘why’ for being an exemplary person.

Let us build something fantastic.


If we were not placed here by a deity, then how exactly did we get here?  Did two rocks just bang together and suddenly start blinking their eyes?  The answer to this is profound and alludes to something very subtle—but very real.  Something to build from.


Self organization, chaos theory, complexity & emergence, evolution, anthropology and psychology are telling us that life follows a direction, a pattern—an order.  And the most ‘meaningful’ life is the one that adheres to and/or shapes that order.


This group explores and questions the foundations of the new philosophy Orderism: critical thinking, the examined life, mindful awareness, the existence of meaning, and the ‘Direction of Life’ (order).

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What is Orderism?

Orderism is a non-theistic philosophy of life. An “acolsophy”. A world view, with a morality derived from it.  This acolsophy aims to supplant religion with a culture of sanity, and reason.

Fine, you’re a godless non-believer.  You’re a lone wolf, a freeeee thinker... Now what?  The problem is that no one can tell what your values and goals may be. They may seem to parallel the majority, but secretly opposite or strange to what the religious majority is thinking. Who knows -to a theist, you may be an outwardly very decent person. You may make it all the way to being president of the United States.  Only then to greedily rub your hands together and push the button, starting your personal world war.  

Now that’s an ugly and unfounded exaggeration, but it illustrates a point.  The 90% of the world’s population is going to grimace at your godless point of view because so far it’s not really saying anything.

Orderism is a philosophy that seeks to give concrete, logical and fulfilling reasons to be a morally good person (including a definition of good).  A 2nd degree Orderist can say unquestionably “I am a good person, AND I can prove it”.

The axioms of Orderism are: The Direction of Life, The Examined Life, Awareness, A “Soul” (not the walking talking ghost thing).

This philosophy I’m going to share with you has made a huge impact on my life already.  I woke up, I became sane.

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Can you stop a hardnose religious person dead in their tracks?

Started by JP Carey. Last reply by JP Carey May 18, 2013. 1 Reply

I meet a lot of people in their homes in my career. On occasion some of them will question me on religion.  It's important for me to remain tactful -but I don't want to lie and pander to them. …Continue

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Comment by JP Carey on May 15, 2013 at 12:19pm

Thank you Steph.  I write a lot -but I'm not a writer.  It will be interesting to see the thoughts of others.  I know there are some very smart, critical people on this site.




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