Can you stop a hardnose religious person dead in their tracks?

I meet a lot of people in their homes in my career. On occasion some of them will question me on religion.  It's important for me to remain tactful -but I don't want to lie and pander to them.  Recently I was in the dining room of a preacher with his family members around.  I was talking about morality and awareness when he spouted off "So where does God fit into all of this?"

Luckily I've done my homework on these arguments and on the bible, and quickly responded with a "Well if you're religious..." this, and "If you're not..." that scenarios.

But what would YOU say to a bible chicken, who you don't want to offend, that would make them stop and think?  Do you have a story of an encounter?

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I chatted up this one fellow who I knew was VERY religious.  Again the topic was morality and of course he knows to his bones that our morality comes from god -otherwise we'd be animals.  I brought up that fine point made by the ancient Greeks...

Does God follow good? Or is what God says is good?

If it's the former, then "good" exists outside of God, and therefore we too can follow good without God.
If it's the latter, then it's a simple case of power worship.

This had him malfunctioning for a few seconds before I let him off the hook -I was pretending to be in ageement with him here so as not to lose his business.  I said "of course people forget that God ISSS good", which is utter bullshit.  Once again, an exercise in non-thinking.




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