For everyone from the southern I-5 corridor area of Oregon, mainly the Grants Pass area and down to Ashland:

I know we have 3 or 4 of us on here, and I was thinking "Hey, we should get together and meet each other!" The Rogue Valley and this area can be somewhat unforgiving for Atheists and other Seculars, especially with the giant soul-sucking megachurch out in Applegate, so it would be nice to know there are others out there who at least share similar viewpoints.

Anyone interested?

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Just joined, and I'm eager to meet people who think. The more the theists co-opt our history, media, norms and laws, the safer it is to presume that everyone I see is a (stupid but infuriatingly accepted) theist. I find myself becoming contemptuous not only of most people I know, but everyone out there. So even though husband and I have just moved here, I'm reluctant to meet ANYBODY. This contempt and isolation isn't a healthy state, and I think it could be at least somewhat relieved by meeting fellow non-theists for some mutual affirmation of the "I'm-ok-you're-ok"-type.
I don't know if I ever talked to you, but I totally know how you feel. I felt it was okay to be Atheist in Portland, then my husband and I moved down here for jobs and have since felt a little odd when meeting others. Like there is a part of our lives we can't share or must omit lest we become targets for evangelizing or conversion.

The Rogue Valley is becoming better though, I have met a few more people that are okay with who I am, when I tell them, but the majority are still in the dark.
I would also be interested.

There is already a group that meets in Ashland, but their events don't usually fit well into my schedule so I haven't been to one yet.
Yes! I'm in Talent. I'm interested in going to the Jefferson Center's meetings but haven't yet. Have you gone to one?
Wow, I remember growing up in Grants Pass. I'd love to see this type of group down there (although I'm no longer a resident of that area), as such a presence was non-existent when I was growing up (indeed Grants Pass was both a haven to both fundamentalists and "Woo-woo" new agers).
I'd be up for that as well.
I know this is an old thread but who, in the Greater Medford area, or wherever from this group who is willing to travel, wants to get together for some socialization? I'm seriously in need of some non-isolation. You can find me on facebook as cyberia.snow or you can email me at
I would be interested also. I have lived here for about 7 years, and dont know any other "active" atheists. I ouwl be willing to travel to G.P. to have a meet up. I know this is an old thread, but is it still being talked about?
I'm talking about it, so there ya go! I don't know about Mathew, it would be great to have him there as well. We should do something here in Medford. There's a karaoke bar on Riverside that I've been meaning to check out. It looks like a Chinese restaurant but says Karaoke everyday. If you're not in to that, perhaps Shenanigans, that looks like a neat Irish pub from the outside, I'm just hoping they have a decent Irish whiskey selection. Or there is the ever popular Starbucks at the Barnes and Noble, but it's colder than a well digger's ass out there so unless they have a lot of space inside, that's not gonna cut it--for me anyway.

I have only lived here for about 2.5 years so maybe you know more about the fun things to do here.
Husband and I joined The Jefferson Center in Ashland a year ago. They bring in a speaker every quarter, and we found each speaker very knowledgeable, insightful, and listenable. The Jeff Center has a book group that reads non-fiction and actully discusses the book (instead of just gabbing), and a monthly salon with an emphasis on rationalism. They have occasional pot-luck dinners wher you get to rub elbows with people who believe in, among other things, the separation of church and state. I highly recommend The Jefferson Center. Every time we go we're glad we did: our non-theism is reinorced, our rationalism is reinforced, our belief in secular humanism is reinforced, and we feel like sensible beings rather than odd-balls. This group makes you aware that are non-theists everywhere, many of whom publish, many of whom are educators, and at least one of whom is gaining the ear of the U.S. Congress.
Sorry about not being around much, life got in the way of a lot of things. I work full time and am now once again a full time student. Add in volunteering and, well, you get the idea. I'm up for a meetup, if we're looking for a bar-type locale, may I suggest Four Daughters on Main next to Joseph Winans? Good brew and a great atmosphere. I'm open on Mon, Tues and Wed right now. I work Thurs, Fri, Sat, and Sun from 0600-1830.

I've been trying to head over to the Four Daughters on Wednesdays anyway just to enjoy the jazz, so I'll put out that this Wed, I'll be at the pub, on the second floor enjoying the music and some brews sometime around 6pm. Look for a bigger guy with a ponytail and goatee drinking a beer with a woman who is always knitting something.

See you folks there!

Oh, and the Four Daughters has an amazing Irish Coffee!
I would note that the Jefferson Center has been working with their schedule to make events more accessible to working persons. I've been to several events now and plan on attending more.

I think if we want a Medford meeting someone needs to set a date and a place and then everyone else can agree or not.




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