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Neanderthal Division of Labor by Sexes It's amazing what can be learned from fossils, skeletons, bones, teeth, artifacts. "It is still unclear which activities c…

Started by Daniel W

33 Feb 21, 2015
Reply by Donald L. Engel

42,000 Year Old Flute

A 42,000 year old bone flute as well as a number of other objects thought to have been made about 50,000 years ago to increase the aestheti…

Started by John Jubinsky

2 Dec 10, 2014
Reply by Jay Stride

Human Genome 45,000 years old reconstructed

The genome, extracted from a fossil thighbone found in Siberia, helped support the hypothesis that early humans interbred with Neanderthals…

Started by Dr. Terence Meaden

4 Nov 1, 2014
Reply by James M. Martin

Scientists Say Neanderthals and Modern Humans Coexisted in Europe for about 5,400Years

English scientists say that Neanderthal and modern humans interacted beginning about 50,000 years ago and did so for about 20,000 years bef…

Started by John Jubinsky

14 Aug 22, 2014
Reply by kathy: ky

Neanderthal Could Speak Like Us

Analysis of a Neanderthal throat bone has established that the species could speak like we do. Moreover, there is strong evidence that Deni…

Started by John Jubinsky

4 Jan 12, 2014
Reply by John Jubinsky

Oldest Human DNA Obtained

DNA has been taken from a 400,000 year old human skeleton and completely replicated. It is the oldest known human DNA. The skeleton was fou…

Started by John Jubinsky

9 Dec 17, 2013
Reply by Luara

Neanderthal and Denisovan Talked Like Us

Recent genetic, physical and archeological analyses indicate that Neanderthal and Denisovan talked very much like we do. It has been known…

Started by John Jubinsky

17 Aug 28, 2013
Reply by David Jensen

Harvard Professor Envisions Cloning Neanderthal

A Harvard professor has outlined what he thinks is a plausible way to clone a Neanderthal. He says an "extremely adventuresome female human…

Started by John Jubinsky

7 Feb 3, 2013
Reply by John Hutcheson

Neanderthal May Have Sailed

A study by scientists at the University of Nevada pesents evidence that Neanderthal may have sailed the Mediterranean Sea. Tools in deposit…

Started by John Jubinsky

5 Nov 29, 2012
Reply by Joan Denoo

Denisovans had Brown Hair, Brown Eyes and Dark Skin

Denisovans were a now extinct species of humans that were contemporaries of Neanderthal and that lived in a range from Siberia to Southeast…

Started by John Jubinsky

16 Sep 16, 2012
Reply by Ant Mac




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